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How to Get Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

These tips will help you master the multidimensional look.
julio 13, 2022

Blonde highlights are an excellent option if your hair is looking dull or if you’re simply in the mood to switch things up with your hair color. They instantly illuminate your complexion — no matter your skin tone — and they’re totally customizable, making them a great choice regardless of whether you’re looking for a big change or something subtle. 

But if you have dark hair, you might be wondering how to make blonde highlights work for you. Perhaps you’ve seen people with dark brunette or even black hair try to rock blonde highlights and they just didn’t seem to pull it off. The truth is, mastering blonde highlights on dark hair can be trickier than if your starting shade was light, but it’s certainly possible. 

So ahead, we’re sharing what you should know before getting dark hair with blonde highlights, how to get the look, and how to care for your new hair to keep it in prime condition. 

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What Highlights Will Go With Dark Hair?

There are no rules when it comes to pairing your base shade with blonde highlights, but taking the undertones of your hair into consideration can help ensure that your highlights look flattering. 

If you have dark hair with warm undertones — think deep caramel, chocolate or even dark reddish brown — you’ll want to opt for warm-toned blonde highlights. For your highlight color, choose buttery blonde, golden blonde, or pearl blonde.

If you have cool-toned hair — think mushroom brown, bluish black or mahogany — cool-toned blonde highlights are for you. Opt for highlights that are platinum blonde, ash blonde or silver blonde

By matching the undertones of your base shade and your highlights, you’ll ensure that the highlights are flattering rather than creating too much contrast that could lead to clashing. 

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