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How To Do Balayage With A Subtle Money Piece

Plus, how to keep it looking fresh.

If you’re anything like me, you might feel hesitant about making drastic hair color changes. While I love the idea of transforming my medium brown hair into a rich copper hue, and I’ve always wondered what I’d look like as a platinum blonde, I’ve never been able to make the jump. But I recently got tired of my monotone hair and decided that I could live slightly on the edge by opting for a trendy money piece

‘It’s just a small section,’ I thought. So I headed to the salon only to realize once I was in the chair that a stark blonde color framing my face might be a bit much for me. So, my hairstylist suggested we use the power of balayage highlights to give me an understated, well -blended money piece. Keep reading as I share what that process was like for my innocent virgin tresses, what steps were taken to get my stunning results, what I learned about myself in the process and what I’m doing to maintain my new hair color. 

How To Get A Natural-Looking Money Piece

While I was looking for a change, I had no interest in going bold with my new hair color. But the truth is, money pieces are typically bold because they’re achieved through traditional highlights that use a weave and foil to place and develop the color. Here’s what my stylist did to give me a more understated look. 

Step 1. Foil The Front Sections 

In order for the money piece to look controlled (even and not smeared which can happen when pieces of hair being colored overlap), I got traditional foils on the front section of my hair to remove the color. 

Step 2. Create Balayage Highlights

Next, my stylist painted on balayage highlights in small sections throughout my hair. This was done in order to distribute the lighter hue to match the money piece 一 breaking up what would otherwise be a stark contrast between the front section of hair and the rest of my medium brown strands.

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