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11 Hottest Spring Hair Color Trends for 2021

marzo 06, 2020

Every winter, we undoubtedly look forward to days of spring sunshine. A new season brings new trends and fresh ways to color and upgrade your mane. And with celebrities and beauty influencers constantly dropping awe-inspiring hair color selfies on social media, you may be feeling tempted to do a mane makeover on yourself. If so, we’re here to help. Read on to learn about the hottest spring hair colors for 2021. Ranging from deep sultry browns to soft pastel hues, there are several color options to choose from. We’ve also included a few product recommendations you can use to recreate a few looks. Happy hair coloring! 

1. Smokey Silver Hair

One of the most popular spring hair colors for 2021 is smokey silver hair, and we can’t get enough of it. This is the perfect option for those who want to try a new color without having to embrace a bright, bold hue. Use the L’Oréal Paris Féria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Color in Silver. If you just want to take the color for a temporary spin try the L’Oréal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup Temporary 1-Day Hair Color Spray in Silver. It’ll wash out after one shampoo.

2. Peach Hair

Spring is a great time to embrace lighter hues and one of our favorite shades for the season is peach. This muted pinky-orange hair color works wonders at spicing up your strands and looks stunning in the sun. Since this hue involves a range of expertly blended shades, we recommend heading to the salon to get the look. 

3. Ash Brown Hair 

While it’s easy to think that spring is strictly reserved for lighter hair hues, there’s no reason why you can’t go a little darker. Consider dyeing your hair an ash brown shade. This deeper, cool-toned hue looks amazing on all skin tones and it’s very flattering when mixed in with dark roots and highlights. Get the look with the help of the L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying Shine Permanent Hair Color in Medium Ash Brown or the L’Oréal Paris Excellence Creme Permanent Triple Protection Hair Color in Mocha Ash Brown

4. Copper Hair

Copper hair color is another popular hue for the spring. Ranging from light to dark shades, this hue looks great on various complexions, thanks to its warm and rich tones. DIY the color using the L’Oréal Paris Feria in Power Copper or the L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying Shine Permanent Hair Color in Lightest Auburn

5. Mushroom Brown Hair

This gorgeous brunette hair color combines the perfect amount of subtle brown and gray shades. To create a mushroom brown hue, you’ll need to mix in lowlights and highlights layered on top of an ash brown base to create a multi-dimensional hair color. We recommend booking an appointment with a colorist to get the best results. 

6. Medium Rose Blonde Hair 

Rose gold hues have been making their mark in the beauty world on everything from makeup to hair. And medium rose blonde hair is the perfect way to hop on the trend. Book an appointment at your favorite salon to get this shade so your colorist can blend rosy pink hues throughout a medium blonde base. 

Editor’s Tip: Already have blonde hair and want to try this look for a day? Grab the L’Oréal Paris Hair Makeup Temporary 1-Day Hair Color Spray in Rose Gold and give your golden locks a temporary upgrade.

7. Caramel Brown Hair Move this before lavender.

Caramel brown is a safe color to choose if you’re a brunette and want to jazz up your locks without making a drastic change. This rich, golden shade will warm up your complexion and add a touch of sweetness to your look. Remember to start with a deeper brown base on the lengths and use chunky face-framing highlights to tie it all together. Hit up the salon since a pro colorist will have the skills to create custom highlights for the look you desire.

8. Light Purple Hair

If you’re ready to embrace pastel purple hair, allow us to point you in the right direction. This beautiful pinkish-purple hue will require bleaching (if you’re starting with a darker base color). But you know what they say—go hard or go home! Get the look by sectioning off pieces of your hair and using the L’Oréal Paris Féria in Dusty Mauve on target areas. 

9. Warm Blonde Hair 

Warm blonde hair colors offer beautiful and rich tones of gold, orange, and red. A nice change of pace for the spring, this color helps to enhance your features and gives your blonde strands a sun-kissed look you’ll adore. Grab the L’Oréal Paris Féria in Light Beige Blonde or the L’Oréal Paris Créme Permanent Triple Protection Hair Color in Medium Golden Blonde to elevate your mane.  

10. Espresso Brown Hair 

With so many brown hair color shades available, it can be overwhelming figuring out which hue to go for. We recommend trying a beautiful, deep espresso brown. This coffee-colored hue is complete with notes of brown and black that come together to create a cool-toned look. Reach for the L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference Fade Defying Shine Permanent Hair Color in Cool Darkest Brown, or the L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème Permanent Triple Protection Hair Color in Dark Ash Brown to get the look. 

11. Sandy Blonde Hair 

If a rich yet, subtle dye job is what you’re looking for, search no further than beach-inspired sandy blonde hair. The cool, beige tones in this warm dye make this a great idea for the spring months. DIY with the L’Oréal Paris Excellence Créme Permanent Triple Protection Hair Color in Lightest Natural Blonde

After coloring your hair, you’ll want to make sure your new hue doesn’t go dull. Reach for the L’Oréal Paris Le Color Gloss One Step In-Shower Toning Gloss to refresh your hair color and give it a glossy finish (like you just left the salon) right at home. Formulated with coconut oil, this gloss will leave your hair nourished and feeling soft after one 15 minute in-shower application. 

Photo Credit: Becca Solovay

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