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How To Get A Sun-Kissed Hair Color For Winter

Who couldn’t use some sunshine when it’s cold outside?

If the long, dark, freezing days of winter are getting you down, you’re probably craving some sunshine in your life. And while we can't magically transport you to a tropical island, we can give you tips on how to keep some sunshine with you all the time 一 in the form of your hair color. It’s true that dark hair colors like deep mushroom brown, mahogany and soft black often dominate in the winter season, but who says you can’t opt for something with some brightness to it? Sun-kissed hair has been gaining popularity recently, and we’re sharing how to get the look and how to care for it, ahead. 

What’s A Sun-Kissed Hair Color? 

If you’re not familiar with what a sun-kissed hair color is, it’s actually more of a technique than it is a specific color. Hair that looks like it was kissed by the sun has a solid base color with hints of a lighter shade in the same color family throughout the head. For example, someone with cool-toned dark blonde hair who wants a sun-kissed appearance would opt for highlights in a very light cool-toned blonde hue. 

While sun-kissed hair is most commonly seen in the blonde, bronde and light to medium brown color family, the effect can be created with pretty much all hair colors. 

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