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Mane Changer: 3 Ways to Get a Gorgeous Expensive Blonde Hair Color

Move aside expensive brunette, blonde is getting richer too.
mayo 23, 2022

After the meteoric rise of the expensive brunette hair color trend, it’s only natural that the blonde version is gaining incredible popularity. After all, this viral hair color trend is low-maintenance, chic, and shockingly  not all that expensive to execute. 

If you’re looking for blonde hair color ideas to switch up your already blonde strands, or you’re looking to get the color in a way that won’t require a ton of maintenance, expensive blonde hair might just be perfect for you. And the best part is, there are several ways to do it. Below, we’re sharing three ways to get a gorgeous expensive blonde hair color. 

What Is Expensive Blonde Hair?

Why we love it: For the uninitiated, expensive blonde hair is like the cool, younger sister of expensive brunette hair. It focuses on dimension and shine rather than the specific shade of blonde — although most people sporting the trend have fairly warm and medium blonde hair. 

It features subtle variation in color thanks to highlights or lowlights, and the hair looks healthy and glassy which can be tricky to achieve when going for a blonde shade that requires extensive hair bleaching

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How to Get Expensive Blonde Hair 

Get the look: If you’re hoping to get the look, here are three ways to do it and some of the best at-home hair color kits to help you do it.

1. Add Lowlights to Light Blonde Hair 

Considering that expensive blonde hair is all about achieving a dimensional, lived-in color, adding lowlights can be a great option. If you’re starting with platinum blonde hair or another light blonde shade, adding in lowlights helps to create dimension and bring a bit more of a natural color and look to your hair. 

This is also a good option because while it’s more expensive than getting a single process color, it won’t require constant maintenance to keep your roots looking fresh and therefore is a great investment. 

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