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How to Get Red Velvet Hair, the Latest in Hair Color Trends

Transforming your hair with this delicious hue is a piece of cake.
marzo 14, 2022


There’s a reason red velvet cake is a beloved dessert option. Not only is it rich and delicious, but it’s also equally pleasing to the eye. So, it’s no surprise that red velvet hair has become one of the most popular hair color trends in recent years. 


Red velvet hair color is just as indulgent as its namesake cake. The mouth-watering shade is a new-fashioned take on auburn hair that gives your mane a warm feel with the right amount of dimension. Not to mention, the statement-making hue adds a bright flash of color to your overall getup and looks stunning on all skin tones.


If you’re craving a new fiery hair color, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about bringing a red velvet hair transformation to life.


What Is Red Velvet Hair?

As the name suggests, red velvet hair is all about flaunting a vibrant red hue. However, this hair color offers a bit more than the daring bright shade you may be used to. 


Red velvet hair color boasts a gorgeous blend of red, violet, burgundy and maroon tones that come together for the ultimate level of dimension. This dessert-inspired shade has become a hot commodity because you can customize it to suit warm or cool undertones. In other words, it’s a universal pick that everyone can rock.

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