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11 Halloween Themed Nail Designs We Can't Stop Looking At

Get into these devilishly cute claws.

Whether you’re dressing up and going out this Halloween or spending the night eating candy at home, get in the festive mood with these hauntingly beautiful manicures. With designs so creative that we can’t look away, they may inspire you to skip a  costume altogether on-trend or sport these nails all year round. From creepy coffin claws to vampire teeth tips, check out these  11 easy to recreate Halloween nail art designs to help you celebrate fall's most frightening holiday.


Pink Pumpkins

For an autumn-inspired take on the sea glass nails trend of last summer, this cute clear set is painted with hot pink pumpkins and matte black sparkles to create a pretty, but still spooky, set of Halloween hands. Check out the look here.

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