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Sir John and Leah Juliett Close Out Pride Month With A Message of Love

Because all love is worth it — especially self-love.
junio 30, 2022

While June is a dedicated month when we celebrate and pay homage to the LGBTQ community, it’s important to note that every month is
Pride month. And every week of the year L’Oréal Paris honors the queer community while continuing to be an ally, a cheerleader, and a supporter through various partnerships. 


This year, two of the brand’s favorite people, celebrity makeup artist and L’Oréal Paris expert Sir John, and non-profit founder Leah Juliett, used their beauty routine videos as a way to spread love. Sure, they have great skin, so watching a Get Ready With Me video of each influencer is fun and entertaining. But in honor of Pride month closing — and the rest of the year continuing as a celebration in Pride — they took the opportunity to drop a little inspirational message for viewers.


While he’s known for his treasure hands when it comes to the makeup of some of the most famous women in the world, Sir John gives us a glimpse into how he keeps his skin looking so flawless. But with that, he also explains how he (and the rest of us) can also keep the spirit cleansed.


“If you don’t receive love from anyone else you need to give it to yourself,” he says. “Be kind to yourself. Love on yourself more. Give yourself a bit more space to make mistakes, to figure things out and forgive yourself more.”

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Juliett, who came out three times and admits to not knowing that they would even live to see 25, is all about that self-love through makeup exploration. Donning baby braids and an upper body filled with creative tattoos, they offer advice to their younger self as well as any other young people struggling to be who they are.

“If you hate your body, decorate it,” they say. “And turn yourself into the art piece you rightfully deserve to be.”

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