Forearm Tattoo Idea

10 Creative Forearm Tattoos to Add to Your Ink Wishlist

Upgrade your body art with one of these fun designs.

It could just be the itch to overhaul everything when the seasons change, or the influx of celebrity tattoos that have been dominating our timelines since 2022 began, but we’re itching for some new body art. And if you’re feeling our vibe then you’ve probably been wondering what to get and where to put it.

Forearm tattoos, specifically, are becoming increasingly popular and that means there’s a greater demand for more inspo. That also means that there are so many questions likely swirling in one’s head before indulging in this permanent ink, including, Does a forearm tattoo hurt a lot? Which forearm is best for a tattoo? Should I get an inner or outer forearm tattoo?

While we don’t have the answer to those questions — because frankly, they all come down to personal experience and preference — we can help with some tattoo ideas so you have one less question to grapple with. Check out these forearm tattoo ideas for men and women that you won’t regret making a permanent part of your existence.

1. Galaxy Elements

It’s no surprise that we’ve been seeing tattoos of Saturn and other planets ruling the stars — the Hollywood kind, that is. With galaxy-inspired hair and makeup and galaxy nails growing in popularity in the beauty space it was only right to see the design move into other parts of the body. And with the universe being so vast, that means you have endless options of what galaxy elements you choose to tattoo.

2. Wrap Around Florals 

Floral tattoos are nothing new. They’ve been incredibly popular for decades, but recently tattoo artists have been creating floral designs that wrap around the forearm. They make for an eye-catching statement while also remaining classic.

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