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How To Do Galaxy Nail Art Even If You're Not A Pro

Get out-of-this-world nails at home with a few steps.
junio 13, 2022

Galaxy nail art has continuously captured our attention on social media for its eye-catching sparkle, ethereal design and out-of-this-world charm. Wearing like mini pieces of art on each nail, it often features a wash of sky colored hues, glitter, stars and stellar (no pun intended)  attention to detail. 

It's worthy of its viral status and admired by nail art junkies and purists alike. Contrary to belief, you don't have to be pro-status to get picture-perfect galaxy nail art. Read more to learn how to get the perfect galaxy nail art at home.

How To Do Galaxy Nail Art

While it can look intimidating, galaxy nail art is actually quite easy when you follow a simple formula that includes a sky colored base, stars and a glitter top coat. Get creative and follow this foolproof tutorial to achieve stunning, DIY galaxy nails.

1. Prep the Nails

You want to start with clean nails free of polish, dirt and oils. Prep the cuticles and file your nails to the shape of your liking. This prep will ensure that your intricate galaxy nail art will last. 

2. Apply a Base Coat

Apply a light layer of base coat onto each nail. Applying a base coat protects your natural nails from staining and prolongs your manicure. It’s a simple step that really pays off in the long run.

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3. Choose a Base Color

Most galaxy nail art starts with a navy, black or purple base to mimic an outer space setting. Some galaxy looks include a wash of multiple colors, and while it sounds intimidating to execute, it’s really not.  

If you’re going with one color, simply pick a color and paint a light layer onto each nail as you normally would. If you’re choosing multiple colors, try this easy hack for a salon-worthy look:

First, grab a clean makeup sponge that you no longer need, then, paint the colors onto the sponge. Next, press the sponge into the nail for an ombré wash of color. Grab a nail brush and some acetone to remove any paint that gets on the skin. You can apply this hack to every nail or just a few to add a vibrant accent. No need to make it look perfect or get technical.

Editor’s tip: Adding pink tones is a gorgeous complement to blues and purples for a colorful galaxy inspired look. You can even add a few lines of white nail polish to mimic the Milky Way.
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