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7 Marbled French Manicure Designs to Screenshot Before Your Next Nail Appointment

You don’t have to be in a state of euphoria to appreciate these stunning nail designs.

Name a more classic nail design than the
French manicure — we’ll wait. While the classic version featured a neutral (usually pinkish nude) base and signature white tips, the timeless look has gotten quite a few stylish upgrades over the past few seasons. One modern twist on French tips that we’re currently obsessed with is the trendy marbled French manicure.

Like the OG style, this newer version of French manicure features a neutral base coat and painted tips — but with a marbled effect. It’s just as sophisticated as the original and delivers that same polished look we all know and love. Not to mention, there are so many pretty versions to choose from. If you’re in need of a paint job, here are seven marbled French manicure ideas to use as inspo before your next nail appointment.

1. Blue Marbled French Manicure

Zhuzh up your French manicured nails with blue and white marble tips.

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2. Gold Foil Marbled French Manicure

Level up your nails even more by adding a shimmering and glitzy effect to them with a gold foil.

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