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What Manicure on a First Date?

septiembre 03, 2013

You've got yourself a "date"? Not so fast! Before you jump for joy, make sure your nails are looking shipshape! In case the person you're going on a date with feels an overwhelming desire to hold your hands, you want them to look their absolute best because, let's face it, first impressions are crucial in the dating world.

To make sure your hands and nails are looking their absolute best for the romantic evening ahead, you need to prepare them in advance! Dating is about more than just flowers and nice wine, you know...

Two days before

Show your hands a little TLC by getting rid of any dead skin and moisturizing to the max!

One day before

Moisturize! We're talking two, three or four times during the day. If you do the dishes without gloves, moisturize after that too! You should also be paying special attention to your cuticles by pushing them back gently after moisturizing and cutting off any bits if you absolutely have to.

The same day

Finally, it's date night and all you can think about is the potential beginning of a whirlwind romance... however, we must now become the voice of reason and bring you back down to earth because it's time to paint your nails! For the femme fatales amongst you, go for a deep red shade. For those of you who prefer a more girly look, try a light pink or a classic French manicure. Above all, choose a color you like because everyone is more beautiful when they feel totally comfortable!

The result? With a little care and attention, your hands will have your date falling at your feet! Better get cracking on that pedicure, too...

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