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11 Places to Spray Perfume

julio 01, 2020

Even if you’ve mastered fragrance hacks to make you smell your best, you may be overlooking where to spray perfume. You see, knowing how to apply perfume is about more than just giving your neck a quick spritz, and you’re done—it’s all about strategically placing your fragrance of choice to ensure you smell amazing all day long, no matter the angle. As it turns out, there are actually 11 places to spray perfume—yes, 11! Read on to get the lowdown on this fragrance beauty tip for your best scent yet.


You probably already know that you should spray perfume on your neck, but it’s still worth mentioning! Beyond simply spritzing your skin, you may also want to consider wearing a necklace that contains a fragrance. These are specially made to contain an aroma and leave your neck smelling good all day long.


Ever wonder how to make your mane smell great? Perfume is the answer—or, more specifically, hair perfume! Misting a fragrance onto your strands will help spread your favorite scent—especially with every gust of wind. Just be sure to use a formula that’s specifically made for hair as not to damage your strands!

Editor’s tip: If you’re a beauty minimalist, you can also get hair that smells amazing with the right shampoo and conditioner. We love the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Repair & Defend Shampoo and Conditioner for their fresh aromatic fragrance.


Pulse points are key to focus on when applying your perfume, as these areas emanate heat, which allows your fragrance to smell stronger. One pulse point you may be overlooking is the inside of your elbows.


Another pulse point to focus on is behind your ears. After all, we’re sure that you’d like your fragrance to be focused around your face, especially if you’re headed on a date. Spritz your perfume behind your ears before heading out the door.


We aren’t done with pulse points just yet! We’d be willing to bet that when you’ve considered where to spray perfume, your knees have never crossed your mind, but it’s time they did! The back of your knees is a pulse point, so when wearing shorts or a dress, spritz a bit of your favorite fragrance behind your legs.


Speaking of your legs, you should also mist a bit of perfume onto your ankles. This is especially true during the spring and summer months when your legs are more likely to be on display. Not to mention, using perfume in this area can help detract from smelly feet.


If you aren’t spraying perfume on your clothes before going out, you’ve been missing out! Fabric can typically absorb and sustain fragrance longer than your skin, so it’s definitely worth giving yourself an all-over spritz before heading out the door. Just be sure to avoid spraying perfume on fabrics that stain easily like silk.


Aside from your neck, your wrists are one of the most common answers to where to spray perfume. They’re another pulse point that will help your scent go the distance. Just be mindful not to wash your fragrance away when washing your hands!


One more pulse point for you—your throat! Yup, you shouldn’t just be applying perfume to your neck, but specifically to the center of your throat. Since it’s a pulse point, your fragrance will smell extra strong in this area.

#10. CHEST

If you’re wearing a low-cut top, consider misting perfume over your chest area. While this isn’t a pulse point, it’ll still help to give you a pretty, all-over fragrance.

#11. TORSO

Similarly to your chest, your torso doesn’t hold fragrance as well as other areas of your body, but that doesn’t mean you should pass it up when making perfume rounds! You’ll definitely want to spritz here if you plan on wearing a cropped top, or if you simply want another area on your body to help boost your overall smell.


Before we leave you, let’s make something clear: Just because there is quite the multitude of spots to spray perfume, that doesn’t mean it’s correct to spritz them all. Rather, you should pick a few to focus on depending on what you’re wearing and doing that day. If you hit all 11 spots, it’s likely your scent will end up being overwhelming. Try spritzing your neck, elbows, and knees or behind your ears, chest, and ankles to spread out your scent and make sure you smell good from head to toe.

Next up: Just because you want to smell good doesn’t necessarily mean you want your beauty products to be scented. If you prefer fragrance-free skin care, here are Our Best Fragrance-Free Skin Care Products.

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