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5 Facts About Hair Growth You Should Know

Take the mystery out of your hair growth journey.

While we love a great buzz cut, pixie cut or pageboy hairstyle, we understand that some people just prefer long hair. There are so many hairstyles you can do when you have more length, and the haircut possibilities feel endless. We’ve covered whether or not you can grow your hair faster with vitamins and we’ve even broken down which vitamins are found in your hair care products. But you may still need some basics about the whole hair growth process if you’re trying to get long locks. So, we’re giving you a lesson on five facts about hair growth. Take notes!

Hair Growth Fact #1: You’re Born With It All

Seriously, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), you’re born with all of the follicles you will ever have—about five million. Of course, these follicles are located all over your body, not just your head. On your scalp, you have about 100,000 follicles. Not too shabby either!

Hair Growth Fact #2: You Might Lose It

The AAD states that you lose about 50 to 100 hairs a day. Before you get to stressing about this fact, know that each scalp follicle grows hair for a few years and then takes a break. When a follicle is on a break, the hair in the follicle falls out. Since your hair follicles take breaks between growing, you likely won’t notice any hair balding happening from this totally normal daily hair loss.

Hair Growth Fact #3: Age Plays A Role

As you get older, some follicles stop growing hair (and not just for a break), according to the AAD. We understand if you’re panicking a little now. But this hair loss happens more in some people than in others, which is why some people go bald or experience thinning hair when they get older. Check out our article, Hair Loss vs. Hair Shedding: What You Need To Know, for more information.

Editor’s tip: If you notice that your hair isn’t regrowing or you’re experiencing patchy spots of baldness on your scalp, you could be dealing with a form of alopecia and should consult with a board-certified dermatologist or hair specialist for a diagnosis.

Hair Growth Fact #4: Gender Plays A Role, Too

The AAD states that male hair grows faster than female hair (yup, we don’t love that fact either). While this may be true, on average your hair still grows about half an inch per month, regardless of gender.

Hair Growth Fact #5: Your Hair Type Doesn’t Matter

There’s a misconception that straight hair grows faster than curly hair and we’re clearing it up once and for all. As we stated above, the AAD states that hair typically grows about half an inch per month—regardless of the hair type. Curly hair may appear to be shorter because of its spiral pattern, but it has the same length potential as straight tresses.

Whether your hair is curly, wavy or straight, retaining your length all starts with a proper hair care system that consists of a shampoo and conditioner that promotes healthy strands. Consider adding the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Restoring Shampoo for Long, Damaged Hair and L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Restoring Conditioner for Long, Damaged Hair into your hair care routine.

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