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Skin Renewal Series: Your Lips and Mouth

mayo 31, 2016
Your lips and skin around your mouth is an area that gets some of the most movement on your entire face. Think of all of the smiling, laughing, talking, eating, kissing and yawning you may do just on a daily basis. Because, your lip and mouth area goes through a lot of stress it is more prone to showing signs of skin aging and overall dryness.

Not only are we using this area constantly so it tends to dry out, but the area also requires extra hydration because there aren’t any sebaceous glands on the lips – and few around the mouth. Sebaceous glands produce sebum, your skin’s natural oils. You are more likely to have many sebaceous glands in your T-zone, which is why that area of the skin tends to get oily more often, when compared to around your eyes or mouth. If your lips and mouth are not taken care of, then the area may be more likely to experience vertical lines, sagging and wrinkles. Instead of letting time take an obvious toll, help hydrate your skin with tips tailored to the sensitive area.

Lips and mouth skin renewal tip # 1: Make sure you always wear sunscreen. Apply a broad spectrum protection sunscreen to protect your skin from the development of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and overall sun damage around your mouth area. Sun protection will always be at the top of any anti-aging skin care regimen list and is especially important for this sensitive area. Look for lip balms and day moisturizers with SPF broad-spectrum protection. Protect your skin and look chic by bringing a wide-brimmed hat along with you while spending time outdoors.

Lips and mouth skin renewal tip #2: Look for hydrating day and night cream formulas: Some hydrating formulas to help bring moisture to this area of dryness can include hyaluronic acid, glycerin, Shea butter, jojoba oil, peptides, and mineral oils.

Lips and mouth skin renewal tip #3: Try using a retinol cream once or twice a week, at night before you go to sleep. Be sure to address the area around your lips (do not apply on the lips) including the nasolabial fold, the area where the nostril connects to the top of your lips. Doing this will help keep your skin exfoliated, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and help tighten pores keeping the skin around your mouth looking smooth.

Lips and mouth skin renewal tip #4: Keep a lip balm next to your toothbrush. You’ll be more likely to apply a nourishing lip balm every time after you brush your teeth if it is nearby. This will keep your lips hydrated, and won’t be as easily forgotten if made a part of your routine.

Lips and mouth skin renewal tip #5: Exfoliate your lips. It may be a good idea to get in the habit of exfoliating your lips twice a week and slough away dead skin cells. You can make a natural exfoliant at home by mixing some brown sugar and olive oil together in your palm. Gently scrub the mixture in circular motions across your lips and let rest for one to two minutes. Seal in moisture by applying lip balm after you rinse. This can be especially good to do if you plan to wear red lipstick, exfoliating will smooth lips.

Keep smiling and laughing, now that you’re equipped with a few skin renewal tips to keep your lips and mouth protected and nourished.
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