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3 Pro Makeup Artist Tips for Mastering the Reverse Cut Crease

Eyeshadow lovers, this one's for you.
abril 15, 2022


If you’ve been a loyal member of the beauty community for the last five years, then chances are you’re familiar with the cut crease eyeshadow trend. The trend features an eyeshadow technique that heavily accentuates the crease of the eyes to make them appear more round — and after gaining virality on YouTube and Instagram, it’s become a staple makeup look in the beauty industry. 

While beauty lovers have been gushing over dewy skin and blush draping as of late, some of the spotlight has been given to over-the-top eyeshadow looks — like the cut crease’s cool older sister, the reverse cut crease. 


If you’ve got some solid makeup skills and you’re looking to try out this eye-catching trend of the moment, keep reading because L’Oréal Paris Expert and celebrity makeup artist Sir John is sharing his tips to help you nail the reverse cut crease. 

What Is the Reverse Cut Crease?

The reverse cut crease is pretty much what it sounds like — a flipped version of a traditional cut crease. It entails creating a regular cut crease, and then inverting the eyeshadow on the brow bone instead of leaving it blank. 


To put it another way, the same color that is the focal point of the lids is also placed on the brow bone to create a dramatic, elongated eyeshadow look. 

As Sir John puts it, “It’s a whimsical cue from the drag community.” The dramatic shape, vivid colors and eye-extending illusion have been popular features in drag makeup for decades. 

“The color placement in general makes the eye space look larger,” he explains. “There’s a ‘60s-esque nod to wanting the eyes to be emotive and expressive that we’re willing to make any area of real estate that much more impactful.”

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