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Master Class: Val Garland On Paris Fashion Week and Being As a Makeup Artist

octubre 02, 2020

It’s no secret that fashion weeks around the world are known for being the trendsetters in both the fashion and beauty world, and this year’s Paris Fashion Week is no exception. To get the inside scoop on the makeup trends we can expect to see for spring and summer (SS) of 2021, along with the inspiration behind some of the L’Oréal Paris makeup looks that made their debut, we turned to makeup artist and L’Oréal Paris Global Makeup Director Val Garland. Ahead, find all the details.

What To Expect For The SS21 Beauty Trends

According to Garland, this season features a lot of contrasting trends, allowing for a lot of opportunity to have fun with your look. More glowy, clean, and natural makeup looks continue to make an appearance. “We are also seeing trends that are going very much in the opposite direction with graphical elements and sharp edges incorporated across both eye and lip liners,” she says.

Behind The Beauty Looks Created In SS21 For L’Oréal Paris

Garland created three diverse beauty looks for L’Oréal Paris in SS21, crossing paths with the two trends she mentioned above. Here are the details.

SS21 Look #1: Graphic Tick

The first look Garland created played with graphical elements and strong edges. “The key to perfecting this look is to incorporate a range of colors in the eyeliner to achieve that striking visual effect,” she says. As for the rest of the face, she suggests keeping it fresh and simple.

SS21 Look #2: Copper Smokies

Her second look also focused on emphasizing the eyes. “Here, it’s all about blending burnished bronze and copper tan shades in your eyeshadow to achieve a monotone balance,” Garland says. She explains that what makes this trend so special is that it works so well on any skin tone and eye shape, meaning anyone can give it a try.

SS21 Look #3. Glamour Nude

Garland’s final look was a “clean sheen, glamour nude face.” “It might look effortless to execute, but it really requires a very natural blend both with the blush and eyeshadow,” she explains. “It’s when you manage to perfect these small details that the look really comes together and looks on-point!”

What It’s Like To Be The Global Makeup Director For L’oréal Paris

As if being an accomplished makeup artist wasn’t enough, Garland also serves as the Global Makeup Director for L’Oréal Paris, and says it has been an amazing journey so far. “I not only get to work on the creative aspect where I get to conceptualize my vision and ideas around Parisian beauty for campaigns and launches, but also the very product development itself.”

She also works closely with the L’Oréal Labs to make decisions regarding the textures and pigments of products. “It’s really a role that has allowed me to be hands-on every step of the way,” she shares. “I also find it extremely rewarding to focus on creating makeup that allows women worldwide to express themselves and feel empowered.”

How Do You Think Women’s Empowerment Is Reflected In Today’s Makeup Trends?

Makeup isn’t about covering your natural beauty, but rather embracing it and expressing yourself how you choose. “Through many of the looks I envision and create, I really want to portray the woman as a whole, and not objectify a piece of the body,” Garland says. “In today’s society, we are able to push makeup so much further. Perfection is no longer ‘perfection.’”

She goes on to explain that today’s makeup has created a new level and medium for women to express themselves through: “There are no boundaries of what you can do—it’s up to you alone to be the person you want to portray, and this fosters self-confidence.”

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