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5 Easy Ways to Help Mom Revamp Her Beauty Routine

junio 26, 2014

Bringing your mom into the 21st century has definitely had its challenges. How many times have you had to explain "LOL" in a text message, or remind her that everyone can see her embarrassing Facebook rants? Actually, if we're being honest, even introducing her to email meant a month-long tutorial. The good news is that after the "great tech update," revamping her outdated beauty and skincare routine will be a cinch.

Here's what you need to know: Your mom probably started taking care of her skin and experimenting with makeup when she was a teenager, which means she's been using the same products and the same application methods for at least 30 years! It's important to ease her into a new routine -- swapping a lotion here or testing a new hue there -- rather than asking her to completely abandon her standard regimen.

Let's start small: Here are five new ideas to share with Mom. Are you ready for the best part? Now that she's a computer pro, you can just post this link to her Facebook page, tweet her, or, of course, send a good "old-fashioned" email.

Then: To Hide Blemishes You Must Pain Your Face
Now: Spot Conceal for Even Looking Skin

Approach your makeup differently. Makeup artist tip: Start with your eye makeup, instead of your foundation. Once your eye-makeup is on, blemishes that might have been blaring on bare skin will become less obvious. Then, spot conceal. Bonus: Eye shadow dust that ends up below the lash line (or anywhere you don't want it) can be removed without taking off the rest of your makeup.

Try: Visible Lift Serum Absolute Concealer

Then: Oil Belongs in the Kitchen
Now: Oil Belongs in the Medicine Cabinet

Okay, your mom is kind of right this time. We don't recommend raiding the pantry for skin care products (even if they are organic), however the oils we're talking about -- the kind specifically formulated to replenish dry skin -- definitely deserve some space on your bathroom shelf. The latest versions are lightweight, non-greasy and will help cream-based makeup glide on more easily.

Try: Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil

Then: Nude Lipstick Will Wash You Out
Now: The Right Nude Lip Color Makes Your Pout Look Plump

The truth is that the perfect nude lip is the one you were born with, but as we age our lips lose collagen. So to help boost your youthful appearance, Billy B. says, "filling in your lips with a liner one shade darker than your natural color will make your lips look fuller," plus, he says, "It's the easiest way to perfect the shape of your lip."

Try: Infallible Never Fail Lipliner

Then: CC is for Cold Cream
Now: CC is for Color and Correct

Sure, cold cream can soothe and soften dry skin, but there's lots of stuff it won't do. Enter CC cream. This multi-tasking beauty tool helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots, brighten your complexion, and correct skin tone, all while protecting your skin with SPF. The application is the same as Mom's regular lotions -- there's relatively no learning curve.

Try: Visible Lift CC Cream

Then: Great Face Masks are Goopy & Green
Now: Great Face Masks are Lightweight & Sheer

Green masks are certainly iconic, but they are not exactly the most practical beauty product on the market. The best time to re-tone and re-firm your skin is overnight –- it's when your skin's natural repair mechanisms ramp up and blood flow in the skin appears to be much higher. So, it looks to us like your mom has two options: Ruin a few pillowcases, or convert to a quick-absorbing overnight mask. The choice seems pretty obvious, right? We're guessing she'd rather reduce fine lines and wrinkles than add a few extra loads of laundry.

Try: RevitaLift® Triple Power Intensive Overnight Mask

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