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How to Stop Makeup Pilling

enero 17, 2020

We’ve all been there—after applying a perfectly curated skin care routine, you go to apply your makeup, only for your foundation to start to roll up and pill. Yikes! Makeup pilling can take a serious toll on your makeup look, and it will likely leave you wondering where you went wrong. Was it your moisturizer? Your face makeup? Well, that’s where we come in. Below, we’re sharing six tips on how to stop makeup pilling and revealing some reasons your foundation pills in the first place.


The leading cause of makeup pilling that may not have crossed your mind? A buildup of dead skin cells and dry skin. Luckily, this can easily be resolved with a bit of regular exfoliation. Everyone’s skin calls for a different amount of exfoliation based on what it can handle, but a good rule of thumb is to slough your skin a few times a week. Some people may need to exfoliate more, and for others, it may be less. Feel it out! As far as products to get the job done, take your pick from one of our four gentle sugar scrubs.

L’Oréal Paris Pure-Sugar Nourish & Soften Cocoa Scrub: This buttery-soft sugar scrub is formulated with finely-crushed cocoa, luxurious coconut oil, and rich cocoa butter for a scrub that’s truly kind to your skin. Dirt, oil, and impurities are effectively removed, leaving skin feeling nourished, softer, and suppler.

L’Oréal Paris Pure-Sugar Resurface & Energize Kona Coffee Scrub: Made with a blend of three pure sugars plus real Kona coffee grounds sourced directly from the Kona Coast of Hawaii, this scrub will leave your skin feeling smooth, energized, and invigorated. Tired skin is resurfaced to look awakened with reduced signs of fatigue.

L’Oréal Paris Pure-Sugar Smooth & Glow Grapeseed Scrub: Formulated with finely ground acai, nutrient-rich monoi, grapeseed oil, and three pure sugars, this ultra-soft scrub provides deep, yet gentle exfoliation for a baby-soft, glowing finish.

L’Oréal Paris Pure-Sugar Purify & Unclog Kiwi Scrub: Made with three pure sugars and real kiwi seeds, this light, gel-like sugar scrub will gently exfoliate your skin. The result? Skin that feels baby-soft and comforted and pores that look tighter and unclogged.


Pressed for time? Rushing to apply products could be the reason your foundation is pilling. It’s important to give your products enough time to absorb before layering on the next formula. Otherwise, you’ll end up with unflattering rolled-up foundation and concealer.


Did you know that certain products simply don’t work well together? It’s true. There are some ingredients that don’t play well with others, which can result in pilling. One such ingredient that you likely use on the daily is silicone. This ingredient can be found in makeup primerssunscreens, and moisturizers alike. If you follow a silicone-based product with a water-based one, pilling is more likely. It’s best to use formulas that are more alike, i.e., pair a water-based primer with a water-based foundation.


When it comes to actually applying your makeup, we’ll always stand by the phrase “less is more.” Too much product can build up, roll, and pill as you apply it. Makes sense, right? When applying makeup, particularly foundation, start with a small amount. You can always add more as you need, but you can’t take it away without starting over!


One last application tip: Opt to get things wet. What do we mean? Well, using a damp makeup sponge or brush can not only help your makeup apply more smoothly, but it can also save your makeup from pilling. This is because using a damp tool helps your skin to better absorb the product you’re applying.


Super thick face creams are amazing for dry skin, but they aren’t always the best for your makeup. If you apply a lot of moisturizer and then follow with foundation, pilling is definitely a possibility. Think this could be the culprit behind your makeup mishap? In that case, save heavier moisturizers for nighttime and try a light day cream when you’ll be applying makeup.

Next up: Speaking of proper application, check out our article, How Do You Layer Skin Care Products?

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