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7 Editors Confirmed — The New Infallible Fresh Wear Bronzer Lasts All Day Long

Our editors put this bronzer’s infallible claims to the test.
julio 18, 2022

Beauty lovers know that a matte bronzer with a waterproof, sweatproof and non-comedogenic formula is not something to be taken lightly. The new L’Oréal Paris Infallible Up to 24H Fresh Wear Soft Matte Bronzer offers all of that and more making it the perfect, new addition to your makeup bag for summer and beyond — or so it claims. So seven of our editors tested this bronzer over an eight-hour workday to see if the long-wearing claims are on target. Keep reading to learn all about their experiences and to see if you should be adding this bronzer to your makeup routine.

The Benefits

Bronzers can be patchy, difficult to blend and even leave your skin with an orange tone — but not this one. This impressive bronzer offers a waterproof, sweatproof and heatproof finish, proving what a fabulous find it is for summer routines and sweatproof makeup, alike. Plus, the soft matte, velvety formula effortlessly blends with your foundation and cream products to offer a weightless finish.

The Shade Range

Thanks to eight shades that range from fair to deep dark, know that you’ll be able to find the right shade — no orange or muddy tones in sight. Use this bronzer to create the look of  sun-kissed skin or to contour and sculpt the face for a naturally lifted look.
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The Reviews

Read on to learn more about our editors’ thoughts and experiences with the Infallible Up to 24H Fresh Wear Soft Matte Bronzer. 

Alyssa, Assistant Editor

Shade: Light

I’ve been reaching for cream bronzers over powder bronzers lately, but on a recent humid day in New York, I decided to test out this powder formula to see if it would hold up better than cream on my oily. Unlike many powder bronzers I’ve tried before, this one blended out without looking patchy. It created a soft, diffused tan that looked incredibly natural on my complexion and it lasted through work and my dinner out with little to no fading. I also really appreciated that it played well with my cream blush — there was no pilling or lifting caused by the powder at all. 

Ariel, Associate Editor

Shade: Light

I love a glow, but on my fair skin, a lot of bronzers can look orange. This one, however, is a flattering neutral tone that blends seamlessly into my skin, even on top of cream formulas. It’s a velvety soft, finely milled powder that delivers a natural-looking radiance with just a few swipes. My skin type is dry, but this powder didn’t dry it out further or make my skin look cakey. Plus, it lasted all day, even though I forgot to mist a setting spray on top! 

Kat, Social Media Editor

Shade: Deep Tan

Summer calls for sun-kissed makeup looks and this new bronzer gives me just that. As someone with a deeper skin tone, I’m always a bit wary of bronzers because it can be a bit difficult to find a shade that actually shows up on my skin. I was surprised to find that this one was not only deep enough but added the right amount of warmth to my complexion. 

When I first got this, I was really excited to dig into it and test the 24-hour wear claim. I applied it to the perimeter of my face, focusing on my forehead and cheekbones right before work. After logging off for the day, I checked out my face and found that the bronzer really stayed put. It layered beautifully over my foundation — I’m definitely going to be reaching for this throughout the summer!

Crystal, Junior Designer

Shade: Deep Dark

As a dark-skinned person with combination to oily skin, I rarely wear bronzer, so I was extremely skeptical that this shade was going to wow me. To my surprise, it was really pigmented on my skin and it blended extremely well with my tinted moisturizer. Another great feature is that this bronzer is waterproof with 24-hour wear, meaning you can put your mask on and take it off with no product transfer — trust me, I tried it. I wore it throughout the day just to see what all the hype was about and it really lives up to the claims. 

Jen, Creative Video Producer

Shade: Medium

As far as bronzers go, shades tend to be very hit-or-miss with my skin tone. This matte bronzer completely blew me away with how flattering it looked with the warmer undertones of my skin, especially as it grew tanner under the summer sun. You get buildable color without any ashiness or harsh orange tones, all while being able to sculpt your face. 

My cheekbones and nose bridge absolutely popped without all the extra effort of contouring my face. It took maybe five minutes and a fluffy brush to blend the bronzer into my foundation. It was easy to use, looks natural, and works well with tanner skin tones — I couldn’t ask for more.

Alanna, Assistant Managing Editor 

Shade: Medium

Bronzer is one of my favorite makeup products — which is why I was excited to learn that L’Oréal Paris was dropping a new formula. I was excited to see what it could do for my combination skin. My favorite part about this bronzer in particular is that it promises up to 24-hour wear, it’s waterproof and long-wearing. In the morning during my morning makeup routine I focused it on my temples, jawline and neck. I was pretty impressed when I checked in around noon and it did not move an inch — my skin appeared just as glowy as it had earlier in the day. 

Hours later I checked in right before I left for dinner to touch up other parts of my makeup and noticed that I didn’t really need to add an additional sweep of the bronzer like I usually do. I also didn’t appear too shiny in the areas where I had applied the bronzer, my skin was radiant and matte, a total dream for any combination complexion. The glow was maintained up until I took my makeup off before bed. This bronzer is just about as infallible as its name suggests and wearing it during your next summer activity is an absolute must in my book. 

Reece, Associate Editor

Shade: Medium

As a self-proclaimed bronzer aficionado, I’m always game to try new bronzers and one with all day, sweatproof wear sounds extremely enticing. I bronzed and contoured in the morning, applying bronzer to my cheeks, forehead, eyelids and nose to test throughout the workday, which includes virtual meetings, a few hours on my under-desk treadmill and more actual running around. Spoiler alert: I loved it and was so impressed with the way it wore. 

I used a fluffy brush to apply it and it went on the skin so effortlessly and blended in seconds without creating harsh lines or any sort of patchiness with my foundation and cream highlighter. I usually go for shimmer bronzers, but I’m so happy this formula is matte — it looked so smooth on my dry skin throughout the day and I never looked patchy or orange. The 24-hour, waterproof, sweatproof claims definitely held up and I looked just as bronzed at the end of the day as I did in the morning.

This checks every box for best bronzer and I can see it being a staple for the rest of my summer makeup routine and well into the fall.

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Written by: Reece Andavolgyi, Photo by: Alanna Martine Kilkeary, Jen Osaki, Crystal Simone, Reece Andavolgyi, Design by: Crystal Simone

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