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How to Use Cream and Liquid Eyeshadows

octubre 04, 2019

Powders, creams, and liquids—oh my! As it turns out, there’s more than one type of eye shadow to choose from. Speaking of the latter, cream and liquid eyeshadows have been creating quite the buzz in the beauty world. We’re sure you’ve stumbled across oh-so-satisfying Instagram videos of liquid glitter eyeshadow being swiped on for an instant, glimmering eye makeup look, but there has to be more to it, right? If you’re curious as to how to use liquid and cream eyeshadow, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn how to apply these two popular eye shadow formulas so you can try them out in your next eye makeup look!


Interested in giving cream eyeshadow a try? This type of shadow typically comes in a small pot or a crayon, and can be swiped on with your finger or straight out of the applicator. Follow the steps below, and you’ll be a pro at applying this trendy formula.


In case you didn’t already know, applying an eye primer is a must for any eye makeup look you want to last (and who doesn’t want that?). If you usually skip this step, definitely don’t when using a cream shadow, as they’re more prone to creasing. So, go ahead and coat your lids in a primer prior to reaching for your cream eyeshadow.


This is where the proper application technique will come into play. If you’re using a cream eyeshadow pot, dip a clean fingertip in and apply the shadow from your lash line to your crease, smudging for a smooth, blended look. If you’re using a cream eyeshadow crayon, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Eye Shadow Crayon, apply the crayon directly to your lid near your lash line. Then, blend the color toward your crease with a clean fingertip.

Editor’s tip: Prefer a more saturated eye makeup look? Build the color up by grabbing a little more eyeshadow onto your fingertip, then packing the color onto the center of your lid. You can also layer powder shadows over creams for an extra pop.


While your fingertip can be used to create a smudged, effortless eye shadow look, there may be times you want your cream eyeshadow to appear a bit more blended. If you’re looking to achieve a seamless appearance, use a fluffy eye shadow brush to blend the cream eyeshadow out at your crease. Easy, right?


What about liquid eyeshadow? You may have mistaken this eye shadow formula for a lip gloss in the makeup aisle as it typically has the same type of tube with a doe-foot applicator. This type of shadow may have a thinner formula, but it’s typically used to create a more dramatic, color-packed eye makeup look. Here’s how to use it.


You know what to do! Don’t have an eye primer on hand? A dab of foundation or concealer will do in a pinch.


Remove the applicator from your liquid eyeshadow tube and dab it onto the center of your lid. For a more pigmented look, use a clean fingertip to pat the color onto your eyelids. For a slightly subtler option, you can blend the color over your lids with an eye shadow brush for sheer coverage. As with cream eyeshadow, you can easily build the color up by applying more layers. For a seamless look, be sure to buff the color into your crease with a fluffy eye shadow brush before the liquid formula dries.

Editor’s tip: While your fingertip can be used to create an intense eye shadow look, if you want precise application, an eye shadow brush will be your best bet for applying liquid eyeshadow. Swipe a small eye shadow brush onto the liquid eyeshadow applicator, then apply the formula as you wish.

That’s it! You’re now a cream and liquid eyeshadow pro. All that’s left to do is finish your eye makeup look with a bit of eyebrow makeup, eyeliner, and a few coats of mascara. Piece of cake!

Next up: Let’s talk transforming formulas. Yes, you read that right. Learn more by heading over to our article, Trend Alert: Powder to Cream Makeup Pigments.

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