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How to Apply and Remove Individual Lashes

septiembre 13, 2019

Let’s be honest—who doesn’t want long, luscious lashes. And while we’re huge mascara junkies, we’d be lying if we said we haven’t cheated on our favorite tube once or twice with individual lashes. Sometimes a few coats of makeup just isn’t enough to get the dramatic look you crave! False lashes are the perfect option for anyone who wants to sport a bold fringe, but applying them can be not so appealing. And individual eyelash extensions can seem like too much of a commitment. Determined to get that false lash beauty look? Consider ditching the strip and opting for individual eyelashes instead. Trust us, it’s easier to do than you might think! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how to apply and how to remove individual lashes.


Let’s get down to business—how does one go about applying individual lashes? We have a feeling it’s not nearly as hard as you’ve always assumed!

What you’ll need:

Individual lashes

Lash glue


Get the look:


Before you get to applying your individual lashes, you should complete the rest of your eye makeup look. This includes eye primereye shadoweyeliner, and anything else you deem worthy of your look! Just skip the mascara (for now).


Next, you’ll need to pick your lash glue. We recommend picking a lash glue that dries clear with a matte finish; that way it’s easier to hide any mistakes! Apply a dot of lash glue to a piece of cardboard or foil and let it sit until it’s tacky. You don’t want to apply lash glue that’s super wet because your individual falsies will shift around and struggle to adhere.


It’s time to grab your lashes! Use your tweezers to pick up an individual lash. Pick the lash up so that when you go to place the lash on your actual fringe, it follows the same curve without requiring any uncomfortable hand positioning. You can practice this a few times before applying any glue to the lash to get the motion down. After all, practice makes perfect!


And now the best part—applying your lashes! Pick up an individual lash with your tweezers, dip the base in your lash glue, and gently place the lash on your lash line. You want to place the lash as close as you can to your own fringe without actually gluing the false lash to your real lashes. When applying, start at your inner corner and work your way to the outer corner.

Editor’s note: Remember: Less is more! Start by applying a few lashes to fill in sparse areas, then go back and add more to create your desired fullness. For a cat eye effect, use shorter lashes toward your inner corner, then gradually transition to medium and finally long lashes by the time you reach the outer corner.


While you may love having a seriously envy-worthy fringe, all good things must come to an end—at least until you apply your next set of individual lashes. Now that you know how to apply individual lashes, it’s time to learn something equally important: how to remove individual lashes. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when removing your lashes.


Makeup remover can help dissolve your lash glue and make it easier to remove your individual lashes. Make sure to opt for a gentle formula as your eyes are a sensitive area—you don’t want to irritate or damage your eyes or your actual lashes in the process! Try using a cotton pad saturated with the L’Oréal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water Complete Cleanser Waterproof - All Skin Types.


When using a makeup remover, don’t rub your eyes. Rubbing and tugging on your individual lashes is going to have the unwanted consequence of pulling on your natural lashes—which can result in your real lashes falling out. Instead of rushing and rubbing at your eyes, gently press the cotton pad against your lashes and hold it there to allow the micellar water to work its magic on your lash glue—no harsh rubbing required.

Now that you know how to apply and remove individual lashes, why not learn about another false lash option? You’ve probably seen this one all over social media and YouTube lately! Here’s How to Put on Magnetic Lashes.

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