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The Right Way to Blend Eye Shadow

mayo 03, 2017

Do you have your favorite eye shadow and fluffy brush, but somehow can’t get the whole blending thing down pat? We’ve been there. What are you missing, though? Well, the trick to a well-blended, MUA-approved statement eye is all about creating a smooth transition between a darker and lighter shadow for a multi-dimensional look. Think you don’t have the makeup chops to do it yourself? It’s actually a lot easier than you might think! Below, we share the top tips to keep in mind when blending your eye shadow—so, grab your makeup bag and follow along!

Eye Shadow Tip #1: Make It Your Goal to Create a Smooth Gradient Between Colors

The telltale sign of an amateur makeup job? Drumroll, please…That would be muddy colors and harsh lines. When creating a statement eye with multiple colors, you want to make sure that you blend enough between the two so that it almost appears like an ombré effect. There should never, ever be heavier areas—only darker and lighter colors with a smooth transition in between. But how? We’re about to tell you!

Eye Shadow Tip #2: Start Lighter and Go Darker

On the surface, it may seem like it makes sense to put on your darkest eye shadow shades first—but this can make blending more difficult. If you apply an eye makeup primer first, your dark shadow is going to set, meaning you won’t really be able to blend it in with whatever you apply after that. Instead of diving deep from the get-go, start with a neutral eye color that’s ever so slightly lighter than your natural skin tone to give your lid an allover wash of color to serve as a base.

Eye Shadow Tip #3: Blend in Small Circles

Although you may have used windshield wiper strokes your whole life, small circles are really the way to go. When you evenly swipe back and forth, the result can end up looking super-sloppy. What you want to do is start at the outer corner of your eye and move in little circles towards your inner corner so that it gradually gets lighter as you go.

Eye Shadow Tip #4: Invest in Some Brushes

Another key to creating the perfectly blended eye of your dreams is to have a solid set of brushes in your arsenal. When selecting your brushes, make sure you have a fluffy eye shadow brush and a crease brush at the very least. Typically, crease brushes are narrow and tapered so that they can fit directly into your crease for precision blending. Get ready to say hello to gorgeous gradation!

Eye Shadow Tip #5: Pick One Direction and Stick to It

If you want your eye shadow to be concentrated at your outer eye, then whenever you apply it, you should start at your outer eye and blend towards the inner corner for a flawless transition between dark and light. If you start at different areas of your eye each time, your overall look will end up being lumpy due to multiple different spots of darkness—this can look confusing and muddy all at once. In the makeup world, this is called directional blending and is one of the biggest differences between smooth eye looks seen on the red carpet and a total makeup faux pas.

Try These Eye Shadows from L’Oréal Paris

Now that you know how to blend your eye shadow like a pro, it’s time to find the best eye shadows to get the job done. Since multi-dimensional eye looks are all about choosing colors within the same family to help create depth, a good place to start is with an eye palette with multiple colors, like the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Dual Effects eye shadows. We’re especially fond of Rose Nude and Unforgettable Lilac. Remember what we told you—and fall in love with your new look! Happy eye shadow blending, everyone!

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