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21 '80s Hairstyles That Offer Major Nostalgia

High-volume hair is back on trend.
enero 26, 2022

You may be thinking that modern hairstyles are where it’s at 一
curtain bangs, wolf cuts, shullets and more 一 but ‘80s hairstyles are getting a lot of attention in the hair world these days. Plus, contemporary styles often take inspiration from retro looks. While you might have looked back at your parents’ hairstyles in horror 一 or your own 一 there are ways to put a modern spin on these once popular looks. So whether you’re hoping to take a trip down memory lane, or perhaps recreate a nostalgic ‘do, keep reading because we’re diving into 21 ‘80s hairstyles that will have you ready to whip out some hairspray.

1. Crimped Hair 

The ‘80s was all about volume and texture, and crimped waves dominated the decade. While they used to feature tiny zig-zag waves, they’re now often created with a wider crimping tool which makes for more modern, loose waves.  

2. Curly Bangs 

One of the most common hairstyles during the ‘80s was curly bangs. A go-to style for natural and curly-haired people, this hairstyle brings volume front and center (literally), and makes for effortless movement. The best part? It’s a versatile look that can be paired with half-up, half-down styles or worn with your hair down. 

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