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10 Fabulous Faux Locs Hairstyles You Can Pull Off In 2022

Take your protective style to new heights, lengths and colors this year.

When it comes to protective hairstyles that we love, faux locs definitely tops the list as one that has gone from trend to mainstay. It’s a versatile style that works for any occasion — weddings, interviews, date nights — while keeping your natural hair tucked away and unbothered. This year, we’re excited for all the different ways to wear the style, including jumbo faux locs, embellished faux locs and more. Keep reading for more faux locs hairstyles to try this year to take your hair to new heights — in some cases, literally.

What Are Faux Locs?

The faux locs hairstyle is a protective style that mimics the look of real dreadlocks. Since they’re not real locs, as the name suggests, faux locs are temporary. They offer the same beautiful look of permanent locs without the long-term process and commitment it takes to grow them out. Instead, you can rock faux locs for several weeks or months then remove them when you’re ready. They require yarn, synthetic or human hair extensions and can be installed several different ways. The type of hair used and the method of installation (and, of course, the skills of the stylist who installs them) will determine the final look of your faux locs.    

10 Faux Locs Styles To Try

With so many ways to wear faux locs you could sport them year-round while switching up your style constantly. Check out 10 faux locs hairstyles on our radar right now.

1. Bob Faux Locs

With the bob topping the hairstyle trends list for 2022 it’s a no-brainer that even your protective styles take on this haircut. Combine the bob with faux locs for a super on-trend and gorgeous take on both styles.

2. Jumbo Faux Locs

In some instances, size does matter and if you want voluminous faux locs that take less time to execute, opt for jumbo faux locs. Just note that if you have thin or fine hair this could put extra tension on your scalp. And no matter your hair type, make sure your hairstylist measures the hair one to one (meaning a one-inch part of your natural hair should only get a one-inch addition of hair to create your locs). 

3. Knee-Length Faux Locs

If taking your hair to new heights — or lengths, rather — is what you desire then consider knee-length faux locs for your next look. These super dramatic extensions will take a while to put in but are worth every minute. Try them in any color or texture, either way they will make a statement every time.

4. Flower Adorned Faux Locs

You can complete your faux locs in any size or length with this style, all you need is flowers to add some flair to your ‘do. Whether you want to go with fresh flowers for a one-day look or use silk flowers and floral clips to get the look, the result will be a charming and romantic way to wear the style.

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5. Faux Locs With A Money Piece

An easy way to play with color while keeping it subtle or without overly committing, the money piece has become a popular hair color trend. Get in on the trend with your faux locs by adding just a few locs in a contrasting color around your face to frame and highlight your visage. 

6. Ombré Faux Locs

You can also add subtle color with an ómbre faux locs look. There are two ways you can do it: Purchase pre-colored ómbre hair and have your stylists crochet it for an easy faux locs style, or you can seek out a skilled stylist who can wrap hair of different colors to seamlessly blend for an ómbre effect. 

7. Butterfly Locs

A type of faux locs style that uses wavy hair to give it a bouncy, curly look, butterfly locs are another way to switch up this protective style. They look similar to passion twists but are wrapped like your traditional faux locs. Try them in a bob or go waist-length for some cute half-up, half-down styles.
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