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How to Do a Hair Wrap and Pretend You're on Vacation

mayo 01, 2020

Summer is so close, we can almost taste it! But, not quite close enough. If you want to add some color to your mane without trying a new hair color, consider turning to hair wraps. Yup, this boardwalk favorite has become quite the look in the hairstyle world, and we happen to think it’s the perfect way to embrace the rapidly-approaching summer sun. That said, we understand doing hair wraps with string may seem difficult to master. After all, that’s why you typically turn to the pros on the boardwalk, right? Well, as it turns out, this nostalgia-inducing style can be done all on your own, and we’re here to show you how. Read on for a step-by-step tutorial on how to do a hair wrap so you can pretend you’re on vacay with the waves in view.

What you’ll need:

Hair wrap string—aka colorful embroidery thread


Clear elastics

Get the look:


First, you’ll want to measure the thread you plan to use. As a general rule of thumb, your thread should be two to three times longer than the length of your hair. Of course, you can incorporate more than one color into your wrap, so measure all of the shades you’d like to be in your wrap during this step!


Consider your placement—where do you want a pop of color? You can have multiple hair wraps throughout your mane or opt for one or two standout hair wraps. It’s up to you! If you’re planning on just one, a popular spot is about two inches back from your hairline on either side of your part. Once you’ve determined your ideal placement, grab a section of hair that’s about two inches wide from that spot.


It’s time to put your braiding skills to use! For a seamless wrap, it’s important to make sure your braid is as tight and clean as possible. Focus on incorporating every strand in your section into the braid, avoiding strays and frizz as much as possible. When you reach the ends, secure with a clear elastic.  If you notice a few outliers when you’ve finished braiding, rub a small amount of hair gel, like the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Clean Style Gel, between your fingers and smooth it over your braid.


Grab the threads you cut earlier, then fold them in half. You’ll want to tie a basic double knot to secure your threads. To do so, place the folded half (aka the middle of your threads) at the top of your braid. Then, wrap the ends of the thread around your roots by pulling them through the loop of the folded middle. This will form a knot. Make sure the knot is tight to ensure it doesn’t budge throughout the day.


Choose your starting color. Align the remaining threads so they hang down against your braid, then begin to wrap the first color around the braid. Continue until an inch or two down your braid, then secure with a knot. Add this thread to the remaining threads, then pick a new color to work with! Repeat the process going down the length of your braid. If you have some extra string by the end, carefully snip it away.

You can get more complicated with your hair wrap, creating designs and different knots or adding beads as you go, but we recommend keeping things simple for this first attempt.

Editor’s note: Wishing you could practice how to do a hair wrap before working on your own hair? Well, this technique isn’t too far off from making friendship bracelets. Use your embroidery thread to make all of your BFFs a bracelet, and you might find you're better prepped to give yourself a hair wrap.


Want more than one wrap? You know what to do! Repeat the process, from cutting your threads to securing with a knot, wherever you choose. Feel free to switch up your colors. Keep in mind, you may get tired after a few wraps, so take a break as needed. You’ll have to practice patience to ensure your hair wraps are neat and seamless, so don’t rush it!


Ready to part ways with your hair wrap? No worries! To remove it, carefully cut the knot at your root, then slowly unravel your threads. As with creating hair wraps, removing them is all about patience. Take your time to avoid creating any knots and tangles during the removal process!

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