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How To Make Your Flyaways Work For You

They don’t have to ruin your hair day.
abril 10, 2018

If you’re sick of flyaways ruining your cute hairstyle, you’ve probably gone to great lengths trying to tame them and perhaps to no avail. You might even be wondering: What causes flyaways in the first place? Are flyaways a sign of unhealthy hair? Can I somehow blend them in with my hairstyle? Here, we’re answering your questions about these frustrating frizzy bits, as well as sharing  tips for how to make flyaway hairs work for your style. 

What Causes Flyaways? 

If you’re searching for the culprit of those frustrating strands that stick out at your hairline, take a look at your hair care routine and styling habits. Flyaways can occur as a result of chemical and heat damage. So if you consistently color your hair or use hot tools often, you may notice a lot more flyaway hairs. However, flyaways can also be signs of regrowth, so they’re not always a bad thing. While you can prevent them by limiting the use of heat and bleach, we understand that this isn’t always an option. Instead, you may be better off figuring out  how you can make your flyaways work for you and your ‘do.

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