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30 Gorgeous Nail Designs and Colors For Short Nails

Don’t sleep on short nails.
junio 22, 2022

Short nails are often overlooked for their longer counterparts with intricate designs and sparkling crystals., but who says short nails can’t rock trendy nail art, too? In fact, short nails look just as good with nail art and they’re way more functional than long nails. 

Once you switch to short nails, it’s hard to go back to the long ones — so, consider this your sign to opt for a short manicure. Keep reading to see the 30 best nail colors and nail art ideas that give short nails a run for their money From metallic French tips to milky nails and more.

1. Geometric Nails

Looking for nail art that feels modern and fresh? Start with a neutral background and paint shapes onto short nails in different vibrant colors to pack a punch. The results rival modern art and pair color and design in the most wearable way.  

2. Marble Nails

With a look that is swirled to perfection, marbled nails have been making the rounds on social media and we’re swooning. Marble nails look great with bright shades as the mix with white creates a gorgeous pastel wash of colors. So, next time you’re thinking about a light pink manicure, switch it up and go for marbled pink short nails.

3. Rainbow Nails

No better way to celebrate Pride than to use your nails as a canvas to share a message for equality. Feel good about your rainbow nails every time you look down to see the symbolic wash of bright hues.
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