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5 Sun Protection Measures to Add to Your Summer Routine ASAP

When it comes to SPF, more is more.
julio 04, 2022

While it’s time to break out the shorts and flip-flops once summer officially arrives (we’re talking grilling on the bbq, laying poolside at night official), it also means it’s time to grab your sunscreen and get serious about sun protection in your skin care routine

Spending time in the sun increases your chance of sun damage, which leads to premature skin aging and risks like skin cancer. This is why it’s essential to take sun-protection measures and make sure you’re applying sunscreen everywhere — especially in those hard-to-reach areas. But there are also other things that you should be doing beyond layering sunscreen after your moisturizer to ensure that your skin is protected. 

While you should do these year-round, summer is likely the time of year when your skin will be especially exposed, so you should be thinking about it more. You can still enjoy the warm weather — you just have to be smart about it so keep reading to see our must-have sun protection measures to incorporate into your daily routine. 

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