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How To Layer Perfume and Lotion The Right Way

diciembre 11, 2020

You know the feeling—the one where you know you smell amazing. It’s similar to the feeling of walking out of the salon with a fresh hair color or blowout, or strutting your stuff in a new outfit you just splurged on. Of course, that feeling starts to fade as your perfume does. That’s why one of our holy grail fragrance hacks is to layer perfume and lotion for a captivating scent that lingers. Ahead, learn how to put a perfume and lotion set to use, how to curate one of your own, and a few noteworthy reasons to layer perfume and lotion in the first place.

3 Reasons To Layer Perfume and Lotion

Before diving into the details on layering, let’s talk about the difference layering your perfume and lotion can make. Here are three reasons you should layer your scents.

1. To Boost Your Fragrance

While it may seem obvious, it’s a reason worth mentioning: If you layer a perfume and lotion scent, you’ll have a stronger, more intense fragrance. This is especially useful when you’re wearing a soft, subtle fragrance that could otherwise go unnoticed.

2. To Complement Your Fragrance

A lotion and perfume pairing doesn’t always have to involve the same scent. In fact, there are different fragrances that beautifully complement each other for an even more enticing smell (more on that later).

3. To Make Your Fragrance Last

Like we mentioned, layering perfume and lotion is a known hack for helping to increase the lifespan of your fragrance. This is not only due to the fact that you can double your perfume with a scented lotion, but also because moisturized skin helps your fragrance last longer. If your skin is dry, it can actually end up absorbing your perfume quicker than you’d like, causing your scent of choice to be short-lived.

Should You Use a Perfume and Lotion Set?

A perfume and lotion set can be extremely beneficial. For starters, you know that the scents of both products are meant to pair well together. This leaves out the need to second-guess if your perfume and lotion will complement each other—or end up clashing. That said, sets usually involve the same fragrance for every product involved, so if you do want to switch things up, it isn’t necessary to use one. Just make sure you brush up on your knowledge of scents that pair together so you can effectively layer your fragrance. Speaking of… 

5 Scent Pairings To Try

To help you become a fragrance pairing expert, here are five combinations that work well together.

1. Oriental and Fruity

If you aren’t familiar, oriental scents are also known as amber scents. Think spices and woods. Some examples you may be familiar with include vanilla and cinnamon. Fruity scents, like peach or raspberry, add sweetness into the mix.

2. Fruity and Floral

You likely know the types of scents that fall under the fruity and floral categories. Both options offer a fresh fragrance, which is why they pair so well together.

3. Floral and Woody

Woody scents are sometimes referred to as musk scents. Think of smells that resemble the outdoors, like pine or sandalwood. As you can probably imagine, these earthy scents tie in beautifully with the smell of blooming flowers.

4. Floral and Oriental

You can add a bit of warmth to a floral fragrance with notes of vanilla, cinnamon, or gloves.

5. Citrus and Woody

Tangy scents that fall under the citrus category include orange, lemon, and grapefruit. They are very distinct and can be brought to a subtler scent when paired with woodsy fragrances.

How To Layer Perfume and Lotion

Now that we’ve covered all the details, it’s time to learn how to layer your perfume and lotion. It’s as easy as one, two—that’s it!

Step #1. Apply Your Lotion

Smooth your lotion of choice onto areas where you would apply perfume. We recommend a neck cream, like our L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Honey Day Cream, and a hand cream, like the L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Manuka Honey All Over Balm - Face, Neck, Chest and Hands. Both moisturizers have an indulgent honey-inspired fragrance, landing them in the oriental scent category.

Editor’s note: This means they would pair beautifully with an oriental, floral, or fruity scent!

Step #2. Spritz on Your Fragrance

You know what to do! Mist your perfume of choice overtop and enjoy as your favorite scent envelops you.

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