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How to Create a Double Cut Crease

abril 10, 2018

Are you a fan of spicing up your makeup look with a cut crease? If you just answered in the affirmative, you’ll love the new look we have to share with you, because the latest eye makeup craze is actually a twist on a classic cut crease. Instead of sporting a single cut crease, now it’s all about a double cut crease. The look features eye shadows packed on the lid, with a sharp border at your natural crease, and a second—i.e. fake—crease drawn on above. It’s double the drama of a normal cut crease but, thankfully, not twice as hard to achieve. Want to give it a try? Follow our double cut crease tutorial below.

Step 1: Prime Your Eyes

You’re about to be layering everything from eyeliner and eye shadow to concealer on your lids, but first, you need to prime. Without a primer, you risk your eye makeup creasing and fading as the day goes on, which just won’t do. Cut creases—single and double—are all about sharp lines and vivid pigments. So, get out in front of the problem and apply a small amount of primer all over your lids and brow bone.

Step #2: Create a Large Wing

Have you ever considered that you might not need to line your eyes to rock a wing? Well, this look proves it’s possible! Grab a gel eyeliner, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Lacquer Liner 24H, and a small brush to apply it, but stop short of lining along your lash line. Instead, jump straight to creating big wings at the outer corner of your eyes. Instead of connecting them to the rest of your eyeliner, as is standard, clean off your brush and blend the inside of the wing—not the perfect flick on the end—inwards. 

Step #3: Use Concealer as a Guide

When creating a cut crease (or two), coloring outside the lines isn’t an option. To make applying eye shadow only where you want it a little easier, use concealer as a guide. With a brush, apply a concealer from the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Total Cover Concealing and Contour Kit to your lids, being sure to stop at the crease. Use the tip of the brush to better define the edges of the concealer so that you have a smooth semi-circle shape on your lids.

Step #4: Apply Eye Shadow to the Lid

What color are you feeling? Choose a bright eye shadow that suits your fancy, whether that’s the L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow in Endless Sea or L’Oréal Paris Infallible Paints Metallics Eye Shadow in Violet Luster. When you have your pick, load up a brush with eye shadow. Then, press it onto your lids, being careful to only go over the area where you’ve just applied concealer. When all that’s left is a small space between your wing and the eye shadow, dust off your brush. With only a small amount of product on the bristles, blend the eye shadow into your eyeliner so that there’s a smooth fade from one to the other.

Step #5: Draw a New Crease

OK, it’s time for the trickiest part! But we believe in you—you can do this. Armed with a steady hand and a small brush dipped in another shade of eye shadow, draw a line slightly above your natural crease that mimics its shape. The line should have the same semi-circle shape, then extend out to match the shape of your wing. See? That wasn’t so hard!

Step #6: Blend Upwards

Now that you have the beginnings of your second cut crease in the works, you can blend out the harsh line. With a small brush carefully blend upwards. Don’t blend down, towards your crease—it may still look pretty, but it won’t count as a cut crease!

Step #7: Tightline with Black Eyeliner

Lining your lids may not be necessary for this look, as we’ve already proven, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create an “invisible eyeliner” effect. Use the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner in Black to tightline your eyes, filling in the space just beneath your upper lashes. No one will be able to tell for sure whether you’re wearing eyeliner but your lashes will look thicker. And what’s not to like about that?

Step #8: Curl and Coat Your Lashes

Give your lashes a quick curl with your handy dandy lash curler, then sweep on a coat of the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara. And you’re done!

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