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5 Ways to Rock Short Neon Nails

Have some fluorescent fun with your manicure.
junio 13, 2019

Like many other nineties beauty trends we love, neon is still having its moment in the spotlight. From neon eyeshadow to neon hair, there are so many ways to incorporate the bright hues into your beauty routine. But if rocking colors this vivid on or around your face just isn’t for you, we understand. There’s still an easy, and more subtle way to get in on the neon fun: neon nails. With summer in full swing, we think it’s the perfect time to try it. Check out these five ways to wear neon nails and give your next manicure a bright, updated twist. 

3 Tips for Applying Neon Nail Polish

Before we dive into some trendy neon nail ideas, check out these tips on how to apply neon nail polish for an eye-catching look sans the eye-catching mistakes.

Tip #1: Start With Your Dominant Hand

When painting your nails, always polish your dominant hand first. You’re more likely to make mistakes when painting with your non-dominant hand, and following this order will mean that you'll still have your dominant hand free to clean up those mistakes.

Tip #2: Keep Cotton Swabs Nearby

This is just a great rule of thumb for all nail looks. Keeping cotton swabs and nail polish remover nearby when painting your nails is an easy way to remove any polish that gets on your fingers during painting. For extra precision, a small paintbrush dipped into makeup remover can work wonders, too! 

Tip #3: Apply a White Base Coat

Neon nail polish tends to be sheer, so before you get to applying your brightest shade, coat your nails in white first. This will help your neon nail color really pop without having to apply a million layers.

5 Ways to Rock Short Neon Nails

We love a statement nail that includes bright colors—and how do you go brighter than neon? Below, find five short neon nail looks to try.

Neon Nail Design #1: Negative Space Neon Nails

With such a bright polish on your nails, sometimes less is more. You can make a bold statement with a negative space look that includes just one (or two) neon hues. We’re loving neon pink and orange!

Neon Nail Design #2: Glow In the Dark Neon Stripes

While you can certainly make a statement by keeping things simple when it comes to neon nails, we understand you may want to kick things up a notch. If that’s the case, consider adding some glow in the dark action into the mix. This is a look you’ll want to see your nail technician for as you need the right polish to help you get the right glow and perfect short length.

Neon Nail Design #3: Abstract Neon Nails

If you’re trying neon nail art on your own, an abstract design might be right up your alley since the nature of the look allows you to camouflage mistakes. Grab your favorite two or three neon nail polish colors and use them as the base or use them to make quick strokes on top of a neutral base. Be your best nail Picasso with these vibrant colors.

Neon Nail Design #4: ‘70s Neon Pop Art

We couldn’t talk about neon nail art designs without including pop art of the 1970s! It’s the ultimate go-to for fun summer nails that are bright and Instagrammable. You can give every other nail a cool design for a few accent nails, or go all out and paint each nail with bold and striking pop art elements.

Neon Nail Design #5: Multiple Neon Nail Colors

Who said you had to settle on one neon shade? Rather than sticking with one, try five! Seriously—with the neon nail trend at its height, there’s no better time to give yourself a neon rainbow mani. Paint each nail a different neon shade to get the look.

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Photo Credit: Monica Webster/IG@artistryinnails

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