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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, These 7 Coffee Hair Colors are Trending

mayo 08, 2020

If you keep up with the latest and greatest hair color trends, you’ve likely noticed that as of late, coffee hair colors are making quite the name for themselves. It shouldn’t be too surprising; after all, we’re all pretty dependent on our caffeinated beverages of choice—it only fits that they’d seep into other areas of your life, like your locks. One of the best things about these hair colors with a kick is that they often feature beautifully blended highlights that mimic how coffee looks once you add your milk and sugar. Yum!

Of course, it’s up to you whether you pick a coffee-inspired shade that matches your coffee shop order, or if you stick with one that’s more in line what how you normally dye your hair. Either way, you’ll end up with a stunning hair color that is sure to give you a boost of energy. Ready to take inspiration from your morning (or afternoon) cup of joe? Here are seven caffeinated hair colors, along with coffee hair dyes to recreate them.  


Don’t let anyone tell you brown hair is boring! Just think of a cup of coffee and how many different shades it can be. If you’re looking for a way to go brunette (or spruce up your currently brown hair), coffee brown could be your color. The best part is, you aren’t limited to a single shade of brown. You can take inspiration from everything from super sugary drinks to espressos (more on that later)—it’s up to you! To DIY the hue, try the L’Oréal Paris Excellence Créme Permanent Triple Protection Hair Color in Dark Golden Brown.


Have you heard of bronde hair? Well, a blonde roast hair color is a variation on that trend! It’s a stunning shade that blends brunette and blonde shades into a seamless cool-toned color. Rather than solely having brown at the roots, which can look a bit jarring, this blonde roast color features brown and blonde tones that are intertwined from root to tip for a color that’s full of natural-looking dimension.

Editor’s note: Blonde roast isn’t the easiest hair color trend to do yourself, so you may want to book an appointment with a pro. Trust us, the results will be well worth it! If you do think you can DIY this hair color, keep in mind that you’ll need to (at least partially) bleach your hair. We recommend the L’Oréal Paris Colorista Bleach for at-home coloring.


Cold brew hair was one of our absolute favorite shades in 2019, and we’re still just as obsessed as we were then. As you might have predicted, this hair color trend mimics your go-to cold, caffeinated drink. When done right, the color almost uncannily resembles the hues created when you mix your chilled coffee with a splash of milk and some ice.

One of our favorite things about this trend is that it’s totally customizable—just like your coffee. If you like black coffee, your cold brew will be dark with reddish hues mixed in. If you like really sweet coffee, your cold brew will be lighter. You can take your inspiration from any variation of cold brew—and in case it wasn’t obvious, yes, cold brew hair won’t come courtesy of a boxed coffee hair dye; it will necessitate a trip to the salon.


Even if you usually keep your coffee order simple, sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself to something a little sweeter. While you may not want to drink a caramel latte every day, you can rock a hair color inspired by this indulgent drink on the daily! Take our word for it, with its seamless blend of rich brown and buttery blonde, you won’t want to part with this shade after just one—or even a few—days. As for your coffee hair dye pick, look no further than the L’Oréal Paris Frost & Design in Caramel.


Admit it, you’re a little bit basic—at least in that, you love when fall hits, and you can finally have a pumpkin spice latte again. And you aren’t alone in that! Pumpkin spice is clearly popular, as evidenced by it being used to (literally) spice up almost everything, including treats, candles, and—you guessed it—hair color. That’s right, now pumpkin spice is a hair color, too!

If you want to don a hair color inspired by your favorite festive drink, you totally can, with this shade featuring hues of red and copper. (Lucky for you, red also happens to be seriously trendy for 2020! See for yourself in our article, 33 Best Cool, Warm, and Neutral Red Hair Colors for 2020.) The best part? You can achieve this hair color trend at home. Pick up a box of the L’Oréal Paris Féria in Power Copper and follow the included instructions for your very own pumpkin-inspired mane.


Perhaps you find yourself ordering a French roast coffee each morning. We bet you didn’t realize your go-to beverage had a hair color named after it! French roast hair is a dimensional brunette hair color. The shade features a medium brown base with red and bronze highlights laced throughout for subtle, warm movement. Pretty right? Even better, you can use the L’Oréal Paris Féria in Deep Bronzed Brown to get the look at home!


It’s no secret that many caffeinated beverages are a variation of brown, and this next coffee-inspired hair color is no exception. Remember that espresso coffee brown hair color we mentioned earlier? Well, allow us to tell you a little more! Espresso strands involve a rich, dark brown base that’s nearly black. This coffee hair color is one of the easiest to achieve and maintain at home, making it an extra popular pick. For your coffee hair dye, reach for the L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying Shine Permanent Hair Color in Cool Darkest Brown.


Coffee crumb cake hair may not be a coffee hair color, per se, but it’s definitely related! If you’ve already sported a coffee-inspired color and want to try a coordinating, snack-like shade instead, coffee crumb cake hair is for you. Want to know exactly what coffee crumb cake hair is? This hair color trend features dark brunette roots, flowing into balayage highlights in varying shades of ash blonde. The color is also categorized by face-framing strands with an ultra-light blonde hue. So pretty, you might even say this color is delish!

Think a slightly boozy balayage might be more your style? We have you covered—with that and more—in our article on 4 Alcohol-Inspired Hair Colors.

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