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Camille Razat Talks Gaming, Viola Davis And Her New Role With L'Oréal Paris

“It’s more than just a brand.”

If we'd just moved to Paris, we would want Camille Razat as our best friend. And we wouldn’t mind taking her character Camille either—the cool girl oozing with effortless style that she plays on the Netflix hit Emily in Paris. For those who didn’t know the rising star before the show, it didn’t take long to fall in love with the French actress. But before she kept us binge watching on our streaming services, Razat followed her heart to the Cours Florent acting school and soon after landed roles in the French TV drama Disparue and Clint Eastwood’s 15:17 to Paris.

Now the 27-year-old has another new role to get excited about: She’s just joined the
L'Oréal Paris family of strong, formidable spokeswomen. On the heels of the announcement of this new partnership, Razat shared some of her fondest memories of the brand, including her love for the other spokes, plus a few things that you might not have known about her. Spoiler alert: the stunning beauty really is just like the rest of us in the best way!

What was your reaction when L'Oréal Paris contacted you to become a spokesperson?

I was thrilled! L'Oréal Paris is a brand that sincerely cares about women. They challenge stereotypes and offer a modern vision of femininity. They also connect different worlds together. It’s more than just a brand—I think of it as a sisterhood where women support and believe in each other. 

What does it all mean for you?

L'Oréal Paris helps women feel strong and confident, encouraging them to be their authentic selves and never dictating what beauty should be. Like most women I’ve suffered with insecurities about my body. I started modeling at 15 in Paris and as I’m short and not “model” thin it was really hard not to compare myself to others. I felt ugly most of the time, like I wasn’t worth it. Now I’m glad that attitudes around beauty have changed and are moving forward; this is what L'Oréal Paris has been doing for decades.

Which L'Oréal Paris spokeswomen inspire and empower you the most?

Viola Davis! She’s an amazing actress. I remember [first seeing her] in How To Get Away With Murder and being mesmerized by her performance. I think she only takes projects that mean something to her politically or in a more personal way. She’s the first Black actress to achieve the ‘Triple Crown of Acting.’ Viola is an inspiration to people everywhere for her riveting performances on screen and stage and for her resilience, bravery and honesty.   

Tell us something no one could guess about you.

I’m a huge gamer. I’ve [been playing] World of Warcraft which is a [massively multiplayer online role-playing game] for 11 years now. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to play [much] anymore but I really enjoy it when I do.

You have a forearm tattoo.

It says, ‘Keep Walking.” It is a very personal tattoo as someone I loved who passed away at a very young age had the same one. 

Besides Emily in Paris and this L'Oréal Paris role, where else can we expect to see you?

I will be in the next Yvan Attal movie Les Choses Humaines inspired by a Karine Tuil book about sexual assaults. I’m also shooting a thriller called Mastemah directed by Didier D. Daarwin where I play the leading role of Louise, a young psychiatrist who is voluntarily ‘lost’ in the heart of the Aubrac. I’m also shooting Emily in Paris season 2 right now.

Can you spill some juice about this new season of EiP?

I’m not allowed to discuss anything but I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed. This season is wild, touching and funny.


Written by: Shalwah Evans, Photo Credit: Claudia Revidat for L'Oréal Paris

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