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The Best Wedding Makeup Idea for Blue Eyes

marzo 11, 2019

Weddings, there’s nothing like them. From the planning to the actualization, so much goes into your big day. While each and every wedding is completely unique, one thing that seems to be pretty consistent across the board for brides with blue eyes is their desire to look natural, only better, with the help of a little makeup. Since you’re likely already making so many decisions in preparing for your big day, we thought we’d take it upon ourselves to help out and provide instructions for an easy makeup look for brides with blue eyes. While we can’t be there on your big day to do it for you, we can share the step-by-step technique for creating the perfect wedding makeup for blue eyes yourself. Ready to test this blue eye-approved makeup look? Keep scrolling for the beauty equivalent of your rehearsal dinner—just make sure your makeup bag is stocked with plenty of eye shadow and mascara! Here’s our best wedding makeup for blue eyes.

Wedding Makeup for Blue Eyes Tutorial

Blue-eyed ladies, follow our instructions below to take your wedding makeup to the next level. The bronze eye shadow shades will help complement your blue eyes so that they really stand out on your big day.

What you’ll need:

Eye primer

Fluffy eyeshadow brush

Tapered blending crease brush

Flat eyeshadow brush

L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Quads in Because I’m Worth It

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner in Black

L’Oréal Paris Voluminous X Fiber Waterproof Mascara

Get the look by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Prime your lids

The first step in your wedding makeup routine should be applying a little bit of eye makeup primer to your eyelids. Primer can help create a smooth base for the rest of your makeup application and also ensure that your eye makeup lasts throughout the entirety of your special day.

Step 2: Apply the second lightest eye shadow color

Use a fluffy eye shadow brush to blend the gold eye shadow from your quad into your crease. Make sure to start off very sheer so as to not overwhelm your lid with color. Remember, this first layer is meant to serve as a base for your other lighter and darker colors.

Step 3: Add dimension to your crease

Using your tapered blending brush, blend the medium brown shadow from your quad all the way down to the outer edge of your eye before swooping it up into your crease. Don’t take it all the way into your inner corner. Instead, stop about two-thirds of the way in to avoid making your lids look heavy and encourage a soft smoky eye. Once there’s no more eye shadow on the brush, move in small circular motions to blend.

Step 4: Continue to create depth with your next darkest color

Still using your tapered blending brush, apply the darkest color from your quad into your crease. Make sure to leave your inner corner blank to give your eyes a brighter, more open look. 

Step 5: Highlight the center of your lids

Dust the lightest color in your quad onto the center of your lids to help create an eye-popping look.

Step 6: Highlight your inner eyes

If you want to further brighten things up, dust some of that same light color around the inner corners of your eyes. So pretty!

Step 7: Buff your lids out with a fluffy eye brush

Put your tapered crease brush down and use your fluffy eyeshadow brush (sans eye shadow) to blend all of your colors and create a smooth transition between each. In our opinion, the best wedding makeup for blue eyes is natural-looking eye makeup, so you’ll want to blend everything together for a seamless final look.

Step 8: Apply black eyeliner

Smudge black pencil eyeliner along your upper lash line. Don’t worry about creating a super straight line across your lash line, just keep it close to your lashes.

Step 9: Blend dark brown eyeshadow overtop your eyeliner

Use a flat eye shadow brush to buff more of the quad’s darkest shade over the eyeliner you just applied. This will soften your eyeliner and give your eyes the perfect amount of definition. When you’ve finished applying the shadow, use a tapered eye shadow brush to blend once more.

Step 10: Apply voluminous mascara

One coat of mascara or two, it’s up to you! Every bride needs beautiful lashes—just make sure you’re using a waterproof formula. You don’t want to risk streaky mascara if you shed a few tears during the ceremony!

Step 11: Everything else

After you’ve completed your eye makeup, it’s time to move on to your face makeup. While you might start with face makeup on a typical day, that isn’t the best move for a major life event. Starting with eye makeup means you’ll be able to clean up fallout without smudging your concealer and foundation when you wipe it away. To get started on your face now that it's safe, have your pick from Our Best Foundations to Wear on Your Wedding Day.

Want to tailor your makeup to your dress, too? Check out our article on The Best Wedding Makeup for Blush Bridesmaid Dresses and Wedding Dresses—the eye makeup look we just shared will complement the rest of this look perfectly!  

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