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Liquid Lipstick Dos and Don’ts

octubre 02, 2017

We often find ourselves jealous of skilled makeup masters, capable of applying lipstick on the go, blindly swiping on a coat of color on in the car or at their desk. An enviable talent, for sure, especially when it comes to liquid lipstick. These pigmented lipsticks are the perfect way to dress up your pout, but they aren’t exactly foolproof. Even if you fancy yourself competent with cosmetics, you may need the help of a mirror (and more) to make sure you’re applying liquid lipstick the right way. Since we’re all in this struggle together, we’re sharing the basic dos and don’ts for liquid lipsticks. Trust us: You’ll be puckering up in no time, so grab your L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Lipstick and follow along!

Liquid Lipstick Don’t #1: Apply to Flaky Lips

Dry lips are far from fun, but things only look worse when you start layering lipstick over top. If your lips are marked by flakes, your liquid lipstick can cling to dry patches, creating an all-around uncomfortable and unattractive experience.

Liquid Lipstick Do #1: Exfoliate First

Don’t let flaky lips keep you from using liquid lipsticks. All it takes is adding an extra step to your makeup application routine. Use a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips before reaching for a liquid lipstick.

Liquid Lipstick Don’t #2: Skip Prep

You wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) go to your job or school unprepared, and the same goes for getting down to work at your vanity. There should be a bit of prep work involved before applying a liquid lipstick. Skipping out on preparation could mean a lip look that doesn’t wear evenly. We’ll pass on that.

Liquid Lipstick Do #2: Prime Your Pout

Chances are, you’ve already made priming your eyes and your face a regular part of your beauty routine, but what about your lips? Just as putting on primer can help eye and face makeup go on more smoothly and wear more evenly, a coat of lip primer can do the same for your liquid lipstick.

Liquid Lipstick Don’t #3: Let Lipstick Bleed

Unless you’re intentionally attempting the blurred lip trend, it’s safe to say that you’ll want to avoid bleeding and blurred edges, which can make your lipstick seem sloppy.

Liquid Lipstick Do #3: Line Your Lips

Lip liner may seem like a waste of time, but that’s nowhere near the truth. Before applying any kind of lipstick, including those of the liquid variety, it’s a good idea to line your lips—of course, that’s why it’s a “do.” Pick up a matte lip liner, like the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Matte Lip Liner, that coordinates with the color of your lipstick and line along your natural lip line, then fill in for more intensity. Lip liner can help prevent feathering as well as help lipstick go on more easily. Sounds worthwhile to us! If you’re still not convinced, check out these 10 Lip Liner Hacks That Will Make Applying Lipstick Easier.

Liquid Lipstick Don’t #4: Go Overboard

Painting your lips in a thick coat of liquid lipstick may technically completely cover your lips for a streak-less shade, but it also sort of defeats the purpose of using one. When you go too thick with your application, it’s harder for liquid lipstick to dry down, making it more likely to smudge and smear throughout the day.

Liquid Lipstick Do #4: Paint Thin Layers

Stick with applying your matte liquid lipstick in thin, even layers. Apply starting in the center of your upper lip, then work from the center to the outer edges, following the contour of your mouth. Glide across your bottom lip and fill in. When one coat isn’t enough, add another, but only after the first has dried.

Liquid Lipstick Don’t #5: Roughly Remove

When you wear a long-lasting lipstick (such as liquid lipstick), sometimes they last so well that they won’t budge when you’re ready for a break. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should resort to roughly rubbing at your lips to remove the remaining color. Not only will it likely fail to get your lips completely clean, but you’re likely to end up with dry lips. Yeah, that’s a definite “no” from us.

Liquid Lipstick Do #5: Gently Wipe Away

If you’ve ever fought with your liquid lipstick, trying desperately to remove every last drop of that dark color, it may come as a surprise that removal can be simple. Use a micellar water that’s meant for sweeping away even the toughest of waterproof products, and saturate a cotton pad with the liquid. Hold the pad over your lips, then wipe. Try the L’Oréal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water Complete Cleanser Waterproof – All Skin Types. Seriously, that’s it.

Need more lipstick tips? No problem. Check out our articles on How to Prep Your Lips for Liquid Lipstick and How to Remove Liquid Lipstick.

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