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5 Makeup Trends From the Fashion Week Runways to Inspire Your Next Look

You don’t need to be on a runway to try out these looks.
marzo 09, 2022

If you’ve been scouring the internet to soak up all of the fashion week content available — we can relate. And if you’re really like us, then perhaps you pay even more attention to the beauty looks on the models than the clothes they’re wearing. 

The truth is, fashion week has a major impact on trends in the beauty industry, too. So ahead, we’re sharing some of our favorite makeup trends spotted on the runways this season. The best part: you don’t need model skin or a makeup team to try out these trends — you can easily mimic the looks right at home. 


1. Monochrome Eyeshadow 

You may have spotted bright eyeshadow looks at multiple fashion shows and if you looked closely, perhaps you noticed how simple they were. If you’re looking to experiment with your makeup in an easy, achievable way, this is the trend for you.

Create an easy monochromatic eyeshadow look by applying a simple wash of just one color on your eyelids with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. For added dimension, swipe the same shade across your lower lash line. For an ethereal look, go for a light shimmery shade, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow in Always Pearly Pink. To create a more sultry look, try a deep matte eyeshadow, like the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadow in Meet Me In Paris

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2. Bright Inner Corner Pop 

Fun inner eye accents have been trendy lately, but fashion week beauty went more traditional with models sporting simple, bright inner corners. While some designers paired bright inner corners with bold eye makeup looks, others opted for extremely minimalistic makeup and made this highlighting technique the focal point of the looks. 

To give your eyes a more wide-awake appearance, use a pencil eyeshadow brush to apply a bright pearly eyeshadow shade, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow in Endless Pearl, along the inner corners of your eyes. 

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