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13 Plait Hairstyles for Beautiful Braided Hair

julio 30, 2020

There’s just something extra special about plaited hair. Not only are plaits super stylish, but you can also flaunt a beautifully woven pattern without needing to learn the intricate techniques you may associate with braid styles. Basically, plaits work in your favor to create a chic look without a super long braiding process, which is always a plus.

From French plaits/braids and split plait ponytails to half-up plaits and more, there is a myriad of hairstyles trends to choose from. Care to switch up your ‘do? Follow along for 14 plait hairstyles that will take your beauty look to new heights.


In the mood for a plait hairstyle that’s simple and practical? Feast your eyes on the classic side plait. The traditional three-strand plait keeps your strands stylishly tucked away for a winning look. Simply gather all of your hair to one side and start braiding in whichever manner you prefer.


If you love the idea of flaunting a retro-inspired hairstyle, pigtail plaits are where it’s at. While this style may seem to be more suitable for your teenage years, you can totally make it age-appropriate. Head on over to our article, How to Make Pigtail Braids Look Chic, for all the details.


As the saying goes, go big or go home! You can never go wrong with jumbo plaits/braids. A great style that can transition from day to night with ease, you can count on this style to frame your face and highlight your stunning features. All you need to do is to create a standard braid and use the feed-in braid technique to add extension hair for extra volume.


Are you game for adding a Parisian touch to your locks? Well, the French braid, aka the French plait, won’t disappoint. An excellent fit for just about any occasion, it’s easy to see why beauty gurus can’t get enough of this style. Since this plait hairstyle allows you to transform your locks in little to no time, it’s also a solid pick for those who love a minimalist style. Check out our article, Braiding Basics: How to French Braid Your Hair, for some pointers.


A braided bun is always a great idea. A chic way to rock two styles in one, this plait hairstyle combines an updo with a woven pattern for an all-around unforgettable ‘do. Gather your strands toward the center of your head and form a ponytail. Separate the length of the ponytail into three equally-sized strands and create a plait. Use the plait to form a bun, then secure it with a hair tie. Voila!


Who says that a gorgeous plait has to take tons of time to style? Thanks to the Dutch braid, you can rock a fresh and playful look without having to race against the clock. Featuring an underhand braiding technique, this plaited hair masterpiece is just what you need to make a lasting impression. And with the option to rock a single, double, or crown braid, you’ll never get tired of this gorgeous plaited hair trend. Head on over to our article, How to Dutch Braid Your Hair, to learn the ropes.


For those who prefer carefree, relaxed plait hairstyles, the loose plait will check all of your style boxes. The true epitome of the cool-girl aesthetic, this style allows you to rock your natural texture and a super pretty plait to help you make a chic statement.

Start by revving up your natural texture by spritzing your hair with the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT High Lift Creation Spray. Next, tease your strands with a rattail comb to add some extra lift to your strands. Split your hair into three sections and plait your hair. Once you reach the ends, secure the plait with a hair tie. Gently tug at your braid to create a lived-in feel, and your work is done.


If there is one plait hairstyle you won’t be able to resist, the ponytail plait is sure to be it. Known as a popular, go-to pick, this style serves up the right amount of edge and flair to turns heads with ease. Simply add a small amount of hair gel, like the L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Clean Gel to your roots, brush your strands toward the center of your head, and create a ponytail as you normally would. Divide the length of your ponytail into three even sections and weave your plait. Once you reach the ends, secure the bottom with a hair elastic.


What’s better than one ponytail? We think two! And that’s what you get when you try the split ponytail plait on for size. A fabulous way to spice up your do, this ponytail delivers twice the plait power for a seriously stunning finish.

Start by adding a touch of hair gel to your roots and creating a ponytail in the center of your head before securing it with a hair tie. Split your ponytail into two even sections and clip one side out of the way. Separate the remaining side into three equally-sized sections, weave your plait, and tie the ends with a hair elastic. Repeat on the other side, and your look is complete.


We’ve already shared the loose plait hairstyle, but it’s only right that we introduce you to plaits with loose curls, too. Another boho-inspired plaited hair trend we love, this style features gorgeous loose curls with tiny plaits throughout for the ultimate textured mane.

To start, apply an egg-sized amount of the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle CURVE IT Elastic Curl Mousse to damp hair, scrunch, and let air dry. Once your hair is dry, grab a small section of hair on either side of your head and weave a plait. Repeat until you have four to six mini plaits throughout your hair.


Ready to take your plaited hairstyle to the next level? It’s time to step outside of the box with crochet braids. This trend doesn’t refer to plaits in the way you’re used to. Rather, cornrows are used as a base style to help incorporate extensions into textured hair. From there, you can wear a variety of hairstyles from half-up styles to updos and more, which can mimic the look of natural hair. Here are 5 Crochet Braid Hairstyles You’ll Love.


Speaking of natural hair trends, box braids continue to reign supreme. Ideal for those who love convenient, easy-to-wear styles, box braids are always a great idea. Like other plaited hairstyles, you have total control of styling, but best of all, it’s a foolproof way to keep natural hair protected from the elements. Check out our article, How to Create Box Braids, for inspiration.


The traditional box braid style is still a favorite, but knotless box braids have become quite the catch. While similar to the box braids you know and love, this hairstyle is created with a feed-in braid technique for a plait that sports a flatter appearance. We also dig that it takes tension off of your head. Head on over to our article, What are Knotless Box Braids?, to learn everything you need to know.

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