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40 Hairstyles for Straight Hair

mayo 03, 2019

Let’s be honest—most of us are seriously envious of those who have naturally straight hair. However, if you have straight strands, you may feel limited by your hairstyling options. We all want what we can’t have, right? If you’ve hit a roadblock on styles for straight hair, we’ve got you covered. Below, find 40 hairstyles for straight hair broken down based on whether they’re best for short, medium, or long locks!


Have lots of length? Here are a few long straight hairstyles to try.

Straight Hairstyle #1: Sleek ponytail

Simple yet timeless, a sleek ponytail works for just about any occasion. You can wear this hairstyle for a night out on the town or to Sunday brunch! Simply smooth your straight locks back, being sure any knots and bumps are removed, and secure your hair with a clear elastic. Spritz on some hairspray, like the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Weather Control Hairspray, to seal in the deal!

Straight Hairstyle #2: Zipper braid

In contrast to a simple sleek ponytail, this straight hairstyle requires a little more skill and practice. The intricate braid is sure to be the center of your beauty look, so save this hairstyle option for a special occasion. Here’s a full tutorial on How to Create a Zipper Braid.

Straight Hairstyle #3: Brun

What do you get when you combine a braid and a bun? A brun, of course! While this updo may look challenging, it’s actually so easy to create! Head over to our article, Braid Meets Bun: How to Get a Brun Hairstyle, for a step-by-step guide on getting the look.

Straight Hairstyle #4: Party pony

Get your party on with this fun half-up hairstyle! Here’s how.

Step #1: Section your hair. Gather a section of hair at the crown of your head from eyebrow arch to eyebrow arch.

Step #2: Create your party pony. Create a small ponytail using the section of hair you just grabbed and secure it with a clear elastic.

Step #3: Pump it up. Gently tug at the base of your party pony to give it a lively boost. All done!

Straight Hairstyle #5: French braid

One of the most popular braid types, a French braid never goes out of style. Go back to the basics with this hairstyle that’s perfect for work or running errands.

Straight Hairstyle #6: Half-up braided top knot

Love the idea of an intricate hairstyle but want to leave some of your long straight hair down? No problem! Turn to a half-up braided top knot, which will add a textured twist to a traditional half-up top knot hairstyle. For a tutorial, check out our article How to Weave a Half-Up Braided Top Knot.

Straight Hairstyle #7: Braided pigtails

Who said pigtails were reserved for your childhood? Pigtails can be totally chic—just opt for the braided take on this hairstyle rather than the version you sported for your kindergarten school picture.

Straight Hairstyle #8: Criss-cross ponytail

Add a twist to your ponytail with this criss-cross ponytail hairstyle. Perfect for straight hair, the elegant criss-cross touch makes this a beautiful ponytail option for a special event. Everything you need to know is here: Perk Up Your Pony: Criss-Cross Ponytail Tutorial.

Straight Hairstyle # 9: “Wet Hair”

Wet hair, don’t care! Yes, you read that right. The look of wet strands is actually totally on-trend at the moment. But don’t worry, we won’t make you walk outside with a wet mane. Head over to our article, How to Get the Wet Hair Look, for all the details.

Straight Hairstyle #10: Side-swept braid

Give your long straight hair a romantic twist with a side-swept braid. You can customize the look with your braid of choice. Traditional, French, fishtail—you name it!

Editor’s note: Need to brush up on your braiding knowledge? We’ve got you. Our article, Braiding Basics: How to Braid Your Hair, covers what you need to know.

Straight Hairstyle #11: Ballerina bun

Slick and sophisticated, we love this for an interview or an office beauty look. Basically, it’s perfectly professional. Bonus: This ballerina bun hairstyle will keep your strands up and out of the way!

Straight Hairstyle #12: 4-strand braid

If two is better than one, clearly four is better than three, right? You get our drift. Swap a traditional three-strand braid out for a four-strand alternative! Here’s How to Do a 4-Strand Braid.

Straight Hairstyle #13: Top Knot

Sometimes you don’t want to spend a lot of time styling your mane—and that’s totally OK! Throw your long straight hair into a top knot and be on your way.


Have medium length hair? No problem! Here are a few straight hairstyles for medium-length hair that you can add to your repertoire.

Straight Hairstyle #14: Space buns

There are few hairstyles more fun than space buns! Put your straight mane into an out-of-this-world ‘do.

Straight Hairstyle #15: Bubble ponytail

This princess-esque hairstyle will no doubt result in loads of compliments! Even better, it’s super easy to recreate. Here’s how.

Step #1: Put your hair up. Brush your mane into a high ponytail at the back of your head and secure it with a clear elastic.

Step #2: Create your bubbles. Tie clear elastics down the length of your ponytail, about two to three inches apart. Before moving onto a new elastic, gently tug at the section you created to add volume and form a “bubble.”

Straight Hairstyle #16: Sock bun

Want the perfect bun? Consider rocking a sock bun—AKA a foolproof way to form a sleek, tailored bun using a sock! Here’s How to Create a Sock Bun.

Straight Hairstyle #17: Sleek and straight

Super-straight strands are in, so consider wearing your hair as-is. Apply a hair serum, like the L’Oréal Paris EverSleek Frizz Finish Oil-In-Serum, for a shiny finish.

Straight Hairstyle #18: Messy bedhead

Rough up your strands with a messy, carefree style. Take a dime-sized amount of the L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Overworked Hair Putty and work it through your mane to add texture. Add more product as needed to mess things up to your liking!

Straight Hairstyle #19: Pull-through pigtails

We mentioned earlier that pigtails can, in fact, be totally stylish (and appropriate for adults!). Consider trying out pull-through pigtails to hop on the trend. Our article, How to Rock Pull-Through Pigtails, has everything you need to know.

Straight Hairstyle #20: Mix and Match Braided Ponytail

Tired of the same old ponytail? Add some texture and detail to the look with a braid. Here’s How to Perfect a Mix and Match Braided Ponytail for a step-by-step tutorial.

Straight Hairstyle #21: High ponytail

When in doubt, turn to the classics. A high ponytail will always be on-trend. It’s a ‘do that you can wear to the gym or the bar, and we know you love day to night hairstyles.

Straight Hairstyle #22: Side-swept ponytail

Another ponytail variation, consider sweeping your straight hair to the side. This will allow you to keep your hair out of your face while still allowing your length to show.

Straight Hairstyle #23: French twist

Put your medium straight hair into a classy updo. A French twist hairstyle is ideal if you have a formal occasion to attend or are aiming for a polished, put-together beauty look.

Straight Hairstyle #24: Side bun

Bring all your hair to one side and create a wispy, low bun. Consider wearing this with an evening gown or to the office!

Straight Hairstyle #25: Fishtail braid

There’s nothing fishy about this hairstyle! Switch things up from a traditional braid by sporting a fishtail braid instead.


Calling all ladies with short, straight hair! Take your pick from our hairstyles for short, straight hair below.

Straight Hairstyle #26: Messy bun

Running errands? Late to work? Simply don’t feel like spending a lot of time on your hair? A messy bun is the perfect hairstyle for you.

Straight Hairstyle #27: Low ponytail

Your short straight hair may not have the length to sport a high ponytail, but you can totally rock a low ponytail with no worries! Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and secure with a clear elastic for a seamless, sleek look.

Straight Hairstyle #28: Slicked back

Grab some hair gel and slick your short straight strands backward for a simple, edgy hairstyle.

Editor’s note: Love that edginess? Edgy hair colors, like denim hues, are totally in, too!

Straight Hairstyle #29: Hair extensions

Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you can’t sport long locks for the day! Consider using clip-in hair extensions to totally transform your straight mane. Here are 5 Tips for Styling Hair Extensions to help get you started.

Straight Hairstyle #30: low pigtails

Your short straight hair will look super cute paired with this hairstyle! Simply part your hair down the middle and create two low pigtails for an adorable ‘do.

Straight Hairstyle #31: Colorful strands

Why not try a temporary hair color for the day? Take your pick from the colors in the L’Oréal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup 1-Day Color and the L’Oréal Paris Colorista 1-Day Spray lines. Both temporary color options wash out in just one shampoo!

Straight Hairstyle #32: Messy ponytail

You can’t go wrong with a messy hairstyle—literally. Keep things messy and carefree with an effortless messy ponytail.

Straight Hairstyle #33: Clipped back

This hairstyle is all about the accessories. Use some bobby pins or hair clips to pin back your face-framing strands. Don’t worry if your bobby bins don’t match your hair color—exposed bobby pins are an on-trend hair accessory at the moment!

Straight Hairstyle #34: Side-swept

Switch up your mane by parting your hair to the side. This is a great hairstyle option for those who want a little extra volume at their roots.

Straight Hairstyle #35: Low bun

Another bun? Yes please! Pull your strands into a low bun for a simple yet sophisticated hairstyle. Feel free to keep the look messy. For a slick look, use a hair gel like the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Clean Style Gel to smooth down stray strands.

Straight Hairstyle #36: Middle part

Middle parts are in! Use a rat tail comb to create a perfectly straight middle part that will complement your sleek, straight strands.

Straight Hairstyle #37: Low space buns

Can’t get enough of the space buns hairstyle? Try this low version if you have short hair. Simply part your hair down the middle and create two small buns at the base of your head, as if you were putting your hair into low pigtails!

Straight Hairstyle #38: Teased roots

Who doesn’t love voluminous hair? Give your mane an extra boost by teasing your tresses. Here’s How to Backcomb and Tease Your Hair.

Straight Hairstyle #40: Head wrap

Accessorize your short straight hair with a trendy head wrap. We love a floral pattern for spring and summer! 

Next up: Think your straight hair would look even better with bangs? In that case, here are 25 Hairstyles with Bangs to Update Your Look.

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