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21 Bandana Hairstyles That Are Almost Too Cool

julio 01, 2020

When it comes to summer hairstyles, we’d be willing to argue that there’s no better accessory than a hair bandana. This simple piece of cloth instantly upgrades your beauty look, whether you spend your fair share of time getting ready in the morning or only a few minutes. Instead of scrolling through cute bandana hairstyles on Pinterest for hours on end (we all know how easy it is to get sucked in), let us do the work for you. Below, find 21 trendy bandana hairstyles for a cool summer ‘do.


One of the easiest bandana hairstyles? The messy bun! Throwing your strands up has never been so stylish. Simply twist your mane into a messy bun—the messier, the better—then wrap your bandana around your head, tying it at the top for a headband-esque look. For extra style points, pull a few face-framing strands loose.


Another classic hairstyle you can dress up with a bandana is a high ponytail. After smoothing your strands into a sleek, high ponytail, reach for a bandana of your choice. Fold the bandana from corner to corner, forming a triangle. Then, fold the triangle so that the top point is aligned with the center of the base. Fold in half again, as many times as needed, until you have a horizontal strip that is about one to two inches wide. Place the center of the strip at the nape of your neck, then bring the two ends to the top of your head. Tie the ends together to form a knot and show off your cute bandana hairstyle!


We’re a fan of beach waves all year long, but there’s just something about their loose texture that pairs oh-so-perfectly with the summer sun. Add a hair bandana into the mix and get ready to reap endless compliments. You can either rock a bandana headband, like we detailed above, or create a bandana head wrap. To do so, fold your bandana in half to form a triangle. Then, align the center of the base of the triangle with the center of your hairline. Bring each side corner of the bandana to the nape of your neck so that the bandana wraps around your head, then tie the ends to secure. Cute, right?


To stir up a bit of nostalgia with your bandana hairstyle, turn to low space buns. This blast-from-the-past hairstyle is just as adorable as it is trendy. To get the look, part your hair down the middle, then twist each side into a low bun. Make sure your buns are even! Then, create a bandana head wrap, taking care not to mess up your buns when you tie the ends of the bandana.


Speaking of throwback hairstyles, double Dutch braids also make for a chic bandana hairstyle. Part your hair in half, and Dutch braid each side (if you don’t remember what to do, here’s How to Dutch Braid Your Hair). Then, create either a bandana headband or wrap to finish your look!


You don’t have to do anything special to give a bandana hairstyle a try. In fact, we love a bandana that’s paired with some natural, curly texture. Use a hair mousse, like the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle CURVE IT Elastic Curl Mousse, to define curls, then tie your bandana into place. Easy, peasy!


This tucked updo is extremely easy to achieve, but looks so elegant! First, create a bandana head wrap and secure it as usual. Then, gather a two-inch section of your hair at the ends and roll it around two fingers until you reach the nape of your neck. Tuck the hair into place and secure with bobby pins. Repeat with the rest of your hair. Seal in your style with the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Precious Oil Satin Hairspray.


Can’t get enough of bandana updos? Neither can we. The next on our list is a ballerina bun! First, twist your strands into a tight, polished bun at the top of your head. Use bobby pins to secure. Then, use the same method to make a bandana headband to form a horizontal line of fabric. Instead of wrapping this around your head, tie it around the base of the bun. So pretty!


When you’re torn between an updo or wearing your hair down, that’s where a half-up hairstyle, like the party pony, comes into play. Part your hair from ear to ear, then smooth the top section into a small, high ponytail. Leave the rest of your hair as-is or place a few loose curls throughout. Create a bandana headband and tie it around your head, then show off your fun ‘do!


Why try one hairstyle trend when you can combine two? The bubble ponytail is straight out of your fairytale dreams, but adding a bandana to the look adds the perfect amount of cool-girl vibes to this girly hairstyle. To do so, simply tie your bandana around the base of your ponytail, leaving the ends to hang alongside the length of the bubble pony.


It’s undeniable; bandanas look beautiful paired with a braid. If double Dutch braids aren’t your thing, perhaps a French braid is more your style. Weave your strands into a single French braid, then create a bandana wrap to complete the look. Feel free to pull a few face-framing strands loose!


Another one of the easiest bandana hairstyles is a low ponytail. First, gather your strands at the nape of your neck and secure with a clear elastic. Then, tie your bandana around the base of the ponytail, allowing the ends to hang freely.


If there’s one hairstyle rule to follow, it’s that volume is always a good idea. To add volume to a traditional braid, use a long bandana in place of the third strand in your plait. First, add a bit of volume to your roots with the help of the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT High Lift Creation Spray. Then, split your hair into two equal sections.

Next, take a small, inch-wide section from one and attach the bandana to it by securing a hair elastic around the end of the bandana at the root. This will leave you with two thicker sections of hair, and one section that includes a small amount of hair and the bandana. Weave the three sections together as you normally would before securing with a small elastic, then gently tug at the edges for even more volume.


Sometimes simple is better. This is particularly true when you choose to wear a bandana with a statement pattern. If that’s the case, pin-straight strands are the perfect bandana hairstyle for you. Spritz on the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Iron Straight Heatspray, then use a flat iron to straighten your mane. Create a bandana headband or wrap to finish the look.


You don’t need to use heat to rock cute bandana hairstyles. For an “I woke up like this” hairdo, give your mane some messy texture—paired with a hair bandana, of course. Take a dime-sized amount of the L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Overworked Hair Putty, rub it between your palms, then work it throughout your strands. Scrunch as you go to create defined, messy texture. You can tie your bandana around your head as you wish, though we’re partial to a bandana head wrap for this look.

#16. LOW BUN

A low bun is one of the simplest yet most sophisticated hairstyles. When you add a bandana into the mix, you have a hairstyle that’s the perfect balance of polished and carefree! Smooth your strands into a low bun at the nape of your neck. Then, create a bandana wrap that ties just below the bun.


If you’re a fan of the party pony we mentioned earlier, you’ll love this half-up top knot bandana hairstyle! To get the look, part your hair from ear to ear. Then, twist the top section of hair into the perfect top knot. Wrap your bandana around your head, using the headband method, and place the ends in front of your top knot.


Calling all textured-hair ladies, this one’s for you! Embrace your natural texture, a protective hairstyle, and a trendy bandana all in one with this pineapple updo. First, bend forward so that your hair falls over the front of your face. Then, gather your hair into a ponytail, securing it at the middle of your head. Resume an upright position and gently tug at the sides of the ponytail to position your hair so that your ends fall across your forehead.

Then, fold your bandana in half to form a triangle. Place the center of the base of the triangle at the nape of your neck. Bring each side of the triangle around your head and tie at the middle of the top of your head. Tuck the top point of the triangle into the bandana. Secure with bobby pins.


We aren’t done with braids just yet! If you’re partial to a romantic, bohemian ‘do that will keep your strands out of your face, a fishtail braid adorned with a bandana is just the style to try. Weave your mane into a fishtail braid as you normally would, then wrap a bandana around your head as a headband or head wrap.


Style your strands in only a few minutes with a sock bun and a bandana. First, create a sock bun and use it to form a perfect donut bun at the top of your head. Then, use your bandana to create a fun, summery headband to finish the look.


The front poof has made a major comeback, and we love the way it looks paired with a bandana. Use a rattail comb to part a thin section of hair at your hairline, allowing it to fall over your forehead. Create another section of hair, spritz the root with hairspray, and gently tease the hair. Repeat this on a few more sections. Then, gather your teased sections, plus the first section you created, and carefully smooth the top of them, so there are no rough areas. Secure in the middle of your head with bobby pins. Once you have your poof, use a hair bandana to create a headband that conceals the pins.

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