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Should You Do an Armpit Detox?

octubre 01, 2019

Step aside detox waters and teas, a new beauty detox—the armpit detox—has been making its rounds in the beauty world. It seems that more and more individuals are opting for natural, clean skin care options as an alternative to their once-coveted products, so it’s no surprise that the armpit detox craze has been circulating magazine pages and social media feeds alike. But what’s the deal with armpit detoxing? If you’re curious as to what exactly an armpit detox is, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this beauty trend so you can determine if an armpit detox should be part of your skin care routine.


You likely have an idea as to what an armpit detox is based on the name alone, but let’s dive into the details so you can decide if doing an armpit detox is for you. An armpit detox focuses on detoxing your underarms from toxins and chemicals that may have been absorbed from the use of deodorants, as well as the buildup of sweat. The idea is to leave you with clean, good-smelling armpits—and who doesn’t want that? Generally, there are two common ways to partake in an armpit detox.

Armpit Detox Method #1: Switch to natural deodorant. Since the idea of an armpit detox is to remove toxins and chemicals accumulated from the use of deodorants, it makes sense that switching to a natural deodorant would be an option for those wanting to try an armpit detox for themselves.

Armpit Detox Method #2: Use an armpit detox mask. Another option people use to do an armpit detox is to make a detox mask. Typically, these masks include bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar. This is because bentonite clay is known to be a detoxifying agent, per a study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, and apple cider vinegar has been found to further enhance antimicrobial properties, according to a patent application filed with the United States Patent Office.

Editor’s note: With new treatments and trends, like an armpit detox, you’ll want to consult with your dermatologist or doctor before attempting to DIY.


Now that you’re familiar with two methods for detoxing your armpits, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth doing a detox. It’s a common assumption that chemicals, such as aluminum and parabens, are linked to breast cancer; however, there is no evidence that supports this belief, per the National Cancer Institute. Though if you're still concerned that your antiperspirant or deodorant could increase your risk of cancer, the Mayo Clinic recommends choosing products that don't contain chemicals that worry you. So, an armpit detox could be something worth looking into! While doing an armpit detox won’t necessarily remove toxins from the use of chemical deodorants, it can help to remove the buildup of sweat, product, and impurities from your underarms for a fresh (literally) start, in a similar fashion to how a scalp scrub works.


Aside from the armpit detox, there are quite a few other armpit trends circulating the beauty world. Weird but true! Curious about what’s trending for your pits? Below, find three armpit-related trends.

Armpit Trend #1: Armpit hair. The days of perfectly shaved armpits are behind us. Rather, more and more women are opting to embrace their armpit hair for the world to see. Whether you let your underarm hair grow long or confidently rock stubble, there’s no need to have smooth, hair-free pits—it’s all about what you’re most comfortable with.

Armpit Trend #2: Powder deodorants. Let’s talk deodorant types. While you may be used to traditional stick formats or a quick and easy spray deodorant, powder deodorants have been growing in popularity in the beauty world. Typically, the powder formula will double as a sweat absorber and odor disguiser.

Armpit Trend #3: Armpit tattoos. Yes, you read that right! Armpit tattoos are, in fact, a thing. This unique placement requires smooth, shaved pits, but it actually looks quite stunning.

Next up: You can’t talk armpits without touching on sweat, and speaking of sweat, let’s talk about post-sweat sesh skin care. Here are 7 Beauty Hacks to Try After Your Next Sweat Session.

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