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The Biggest Makeup Trend From the Year You Were Born

octubre 26, 2018

You may be up-to-date on today’s most popular makeup trends, like silver glitter eye makeup and blurred lips, but do you ever wonder about the must-have makeup looks of decades past? From bold lip liner to cat-shaped eyeliner to the no-makeup look, makeup trends have certainly come and gone throughout the years, but one thing remains the same: we love them all! Take a look through the biggest makeup trends over the past four decades to find out what the most popular look was during the year you were born. Who knows, maybe it's back in style again!

if you were born in the '70s...

In 1970...it was all about an au natural look, consisting of a little neutral eyeshadow and barely-there mascara.

In 1971...with the no-makeup trend still in full swing, dewy, glowing skin was the look of the moment.

In 1972...a sun-kissed look, with all-over bronzer and a bit of blush on the cheekbones, was popular this year.

In 1973...adding a nude lip to your bronzed look was the boho beauty look everyone embraced.

In 1974...popular fashion models of the day were bringing back colorful eyeshadow and dark blush in a big way.

In 1975...by the mid-1970s, pastel eyeshadow in light purple and blue shades made a major comeback.

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In 1976...bold colored lips and eyeliner, sported by popular actresses and entertainers of the time, were part of the striking look everyone was envying.

In 1977...thanks to the biggest film stars of this time, lining your bottom lash line became a statement look. 

In 1978...it was all about disco fever! A frosted look on the eyes, cheeks, and lips was a super-shiny makeup trend.

In 1979...with punk music starting to come onto the scene, black cat eye makeup made an appearance.

if you were born in the '80s...

In 1980...bright, bold eye shadow not only marked the beginning of the ‘80s but continued to be a trend throughout the decade.

In 1981...it was all about color—even on lips! Purple and pink mattes were popular lipstick color choices, inspired by female pop stars.

In 1982...one could never be wearing too much bright pink blush—it was the early ‘80s, after all.

In 1983...in order to create a better palette for the colorful shadows, liners, and lipsticks that were trending at the time, women layered foundation on quite heavily.

In 1984...full, bold eyebrows seen on a slew of fashion supermodels inspired women to put down their tweezers and try a more natural look.

In 1985...the colored makeup craze extended to eyelashes, with colored mascara (blue was a top pick) appearing on women everywhere.

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In 1986...neutral lip color tones were a popular look.

In 1987...you couldn’t escape dark eyeliner paired with bright eyeshadow and bold lips.

In 1988...everyone was all about bright purple eyeshadow, a la many famous female musicians of the era.

In 1989...after literal royalty wore blue eyeliner, the look instantly surged in popularity.

if you were born in the '90s...

In 1990...face jewels became a big trend after pop stars chose to wear them for performances. 

In 1991...smoky eyes paired with dark red lips graced the pages of many fashion magazines.

In 1992...many actresses were sporting super-thin or penciled in eyebrows on Hollywood red carpets.

In 1993...grunge-glam made its debut, bringing smudged black eyeliner with it.

In 1994...exposed lip liner, generally three to four shades darker than your lip color, was a popular look.

In 1995...lipstick had a huge year and it was all about dark red shades.

Get the look: Let’s be honest, a good red lipstick never goes out of style. Read our article Our Best Red Lipstick for Every Skin Tone for a guide on how to choose your perfect shade.

In 1996...Hollywood showed it was all about frosty lips.

In 1997...on fashion runways everywhere, models proved chiseled cheekbones were all the rage. Yes, contouring was a thing back then too!

In 1998...vibrant, metallic blue and purple eyeshadow, applied from the lash line all the way up to the brow, was a huge makeup trend.

In 1999...the biggest Hollywood stars finished out the '90s with an all-over bronze look, including nude eyes and lips.

if you were born in the '00s...

In 2000...during the turn of the millennium, frosted eyeshadow was everywhere.

In 2001...the biggest trend could be summed up in two words: lip gloss.

In 2002...lilac eyeshadow was the makeup color of the moment.

In 2003...the look everyone wanted was black liquid eyeliner painted on the waterline, a nod to many female pop singers of the time.

In 2004...women everywhere wanted thick, feathery eyelashes and lash bars began popping up across the country.

In 2005...a light pink lip was a popular look for actresses of all ages.

In 2006...bronzer—lots and lots of bronzer—was the biggest trend.

In 2007...the smoky eye became everyone’s go-to look.

In 2008...popular female musicians displayed winged black eyeliner and the look instantly took off.

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