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The Best Mother’s Day Ever - L’Oréal Paris Style

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When it comes to Mother’s Day, the most thoughtful gift usually wins Mom’s heart. Skip the flowers this year and give your mom an entire day dedicated to making her feel special! We recommend scheduling a day that starts with a Mother’s Day makeover and then flows into activities that mom really loves (ie: dining at her favorite restaurant, candle shopping, etc). Watch along as we treat beauty vlogger @Arshiamoorjani’s mother to a day of glamourous pampering at L’Oréal’s New York office! Maybe you will be inspired to give your mom something similar this Mother’s Day!


When mom looks her best, she feels her best. Here’s how you can give your mom a Mother’s Day makeover at home:

Hair: Give Mom salon-worthy hair color at home with Excellence Creme Hair Color. This hair color is perfect for refreshing mom’s color and getting rid of all of her stubborn gray hairs. Excellence’s “no drip” creme formula is so easy to do at home and nothing covers gray hair better!

Skin: Prime Mom’s skin with the best, Age Perfect Rosy Tone Moisturizer. It hydrates and smoothes before makeup application while leaving a healthy blushed rosy tone.

Makeup: Not all makeup is created equal. Pick products that are right for Mom’s mature skin. We recommend the True Match Foundation and Concealer, which have hydrating formulas, plus the Colour Riche Lipstick in Blushing Berry as a finishing touch for her look.

Next up: Are you a mom who deserves a little pampering of her own? Consult the stars and practice self-care with help from our article, How to Spend Self-Care Sunday Based on Your Sign.

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